Recruit personalities, not CVs.

Evaluate your candidates’ real potential – beyond their CV – and recruit the very best of them.

10,000 recruiters use AssessFirst, across 30 countries.

AssessFirst, what is it?

Recruit better, starting today.

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AssessFirst is a solution that allows you to grow your business in a relaxed (or ultra-aggressive) way, by recruiting the right people.

With AssessFirst, you’ll know who your candidates really are, beyond their CV. Once they’ve completed their AssessFirst profile, you’ll find out what they can do, what really motivates them, as well as the way they behave. You’ll also receive reliable indicators about their capacity to succeed and to thrive over the long term, as a part of your business.

The benefits of using AssessFirst

+15% Performance

People recruiting using AssessFirst perform 15% better on average than those recruited by traditional methods.

-50% Turnover

Reduce your staff turnover by half, by choosing people whose motivations are well-suited for your business.

-30% Time

Save up to 30% of your time. Armed with the right information, you can speed up your decision making.

3 simple steps to recruit better

How does it work?

Recruiting becomes (much) easier.

#1 – Define the profile you need

For this, choose from among our 300+ predictive models sorted by role,
or create your own!

All you have to do is answer a few questions to describe the position you’re recruiting for. Our algorithm analyses your answers and compares them to over 5,000,000 profiles to give you a clear recommendation of the type of profile to look for.

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Evaluate each candidates

#2 – Evaluate each of your candidates

All you have to do is copy/paste a link in your job offers or invite them by email.

Once your candidates have completed their profile, you’ll receive a full report about each of them that _details_ what they can do, what drives them to action as well as the way they behave in the workplace.

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#3 – Choose the best profiles

We’ll help you to make the best possible choice for your business.

Thanks to our campaign system, you can manage your recruitment operations with ease. Your candidates are ranked in terms of the ability to succeed, to thrive in the position, as well as by their affinity with their future manager. For each of them, we’ll explain their strong points and things to watch out for.

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