Help everyone become better.

Identify each person’s strengths and areas for development. Implement personalised and realistic development plans to enable them to improve and grow.

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Discover the solution that will help all of your people to become the best version of themselves.

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Allow everyone to progress with realistic pathways.

Employee access.

Unlimited assessments, available for your whole workforce.

Within just a few minutes, everyone has access to a wealth of information on their natural talents as well as their areas for development.

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Leverage your internal skills benchmarks and appraisal history.

The AssessFirst profile of your employees can be translated – instantly – into skill potential according to each of the skills that matter to your organisation.

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Put realistic development plans in place.

Starting with “who your talents really are”, define personalised development programs that will allow everyone to progress at their own pace, to the highest level.

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Prepare your succession plans.

Do you want to identify future leaders? Your managers of tomorrow? Remove guesswork and use the skills repositories that are made just for that.

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The 3 key criteria taken into account.


Personality helps to understand how a person tends to behave “naturally”… but also in stressful situations.

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Motivations help identify the situations and environments a person seeks as well as those they tend to avoid.

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Cognitive capacity.

Cognitive abilities provide information on a person’s ability to learn quickly and solve more or less complex problems.

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An “augmented” experience, every step of the way.

More efficiency for recruiters.

Recruiters make decisions by having more information – the right information – at their disposal. They are also able to justify their choices with objective data.

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More fairness for candidates.

Applicants are judged on who they really are and their true potential, not on the schools they attended or their previous professional experience.

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More diversity for teams.

All the criteria taken into account by AssessFirst are independent of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. This results in recruiting more varied profiles.

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More profit for the organisation.

By recruiting people whose talents and motivations are aligned with the vacancies, your organisation ensures that it performs at a higher level.

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Look at the impact you can expect.

Whether that’s for individuals or the entire company.


More operational performance

Teams that grow with AssessFirst are more productive and deliver higher quality work, faster.

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More satisfaction

People have a more positive employee experience and are more satisfied with the support provided by HR.

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More talent retention

People who benefit from AssessFirst as part of their development stay with the company up to 2x longer.

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Discover how our clients are improving their talent management.

Improved Candidate Experience.

Since we deployed AssessFirst, we have increased candidate satisfaction by 77%, while reducing staff turnover by 34%.

Candidate satisfaction 77%
Staff churn decrease 34%
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Acceleration of the recruitment process.

AssessFirst saved us time in our recruitment process. This allowed us to reallocate saved time: enhancing the candidate experience and our employer brand.

Acceleration of recruitment 67%
Improvement of employer brand 59%
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Making skills assessment more reliable.

The Competency Framework functionality offered by AssessFirst gives us a reliable skills assessment model thats is easy to use and perfectly aligned with our company culture.

Model reliability 97%
Employee satisfaction 86%
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