We help you develop your talents.

Imagine if every time you contacted a recruiter, you had a way to clearly and precisely communicate your real talents as well as what you – and only you – would be able to bring to their company…

We bring out the best in you.

AssessFirst is a solution that allows you to obtain a complete assessment of your soft-skills and your potential, which you can easily share with every recruiter you encounter. This assessment is built around the analysis of 3 key factors: The way you think (your cognitive style), what sets you in motion (your motivations) as well as your natural behaviours (your personality).

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Your data speaks for you.

Our predictive algorithms take over 800 data points into account that are related to your personality, your motivations and your cognitive style, in order to discern your unique and characterising talents. We also use this data to help you discover the jobs in which you could succeed at the highest level, while being happy.


Analysed data points


Possible configurations

Increased precision.

Brain - AssessFirst's Cognitive Skills Test 100%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Drive - AssessFirst's Motivation's Questionnaire 58%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Shape - AssessFirst's Personality Questionnaire 63%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

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Your profile is (much) richer than your CV shows.

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How does that happen, in a practical sense?

As you will see for yourself, there is nothing really complicated… The most “tedious” part will undoubtedly be completing the 3 tests that we have created. Factor in 30 to 35 minutes total for them. Well of course it takes a little time, we are not going to lie! But it’s no secret… 🤷‍♂️ To produce quality analyses, we need to collect some data. 😉

Create your AssessFirst account.

It will only take a minute to create your AssessFirst account. If you want to go even faster, you can log in using your Gmail or Linkedin accounts.

I want to discover my soft-skills

Complete our 3 tests.

Now here comes the hard part! You have 3 questionnaires to complete: Shape (personality); Drive (Motivations) and Brain (Cognitive Style). You can take them all in a row or stop between the tests and pick back up later. However you want to do it!

I want to discover my soft-skills

Discover your unique talents.

Once you complete your AssessFirst profile, you will have access to a comprehensive assessment of your soft-skills and your potential. This AssessFirst-certified report is then yours to do with as you please.

I want to discover my soft-skills

Compare yourself against 400+ careers.

Your profile will be matched instantly against over 400 professions. You will discover the Top 5 jobs that suit you best, strictly from the point of view of your soft-skills.

I want to discover my soft-skills

Share what you'd like...

In order to promote your soft-skills to your network and potential recruiters, you can then share your AssessFirst profile on Linkedin or any other network that you choose.

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Prepare yourself for your interviews.

Most candidates use their AssessFirst profile to learn how to talk about their talents in a powerful way and better prepare for their recruitment interviews. What if you did the same?

I want to discover my soft-skills

Discover your talents that make you unique

I want to discover my talentsSee an example of an AssessFirst profile

86% of candidates say they felt more at ease during interviews.

Thanks to the quality of information that we make available to candidates, more than 4 out of 5 feel more at ease and also more efficient in interviews.

97% global satisfaction.

97% of candidates who completed their profile on AssessFirst say they are “satisfied” to “extremely satisfied” with the quality of the information provided to them.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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36% share their profiles.

More than a third of candidates who have completed their profile on AssessFirst share it on their personal or professional social networks.

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