Become a candidate magnet.

Convert your career page visitors into ultra-qualified candidates. Allow them to discover positions that match their personality and aspirations.

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Discover the candidate experience that will sky🚀rocket your conversion rates

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The ATTRACT experience 🧲

Made for candidates.

With ATTRACT, everything starts with the candidate.

Through a mobile-first, ultra-visual experience that takes them less than 5 minutes, candidates get a complete assessment of their talents and behaviours.

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They know if your business is right for them.

And with the next click, your candidate discovers how they complement and align with your company culture.

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They are steered in the right direction, to the right positions.

Now, they can discover the professions in your company and see how their talent and potential fits with the demands of the job.

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They'll walk away with extra-ordinary value, even if they don't progress in your recruitment process.

Every single candidate – whether selected or not – leaves with a complete assessment of their talents, which they can reuse in future job searches.

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Capture candidates that can be hard to find, no matter where they come from.

Career site.

A simple button on your career site is all it takes to point candidates to your dedicated ATTRACT space.

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Social media.

Add an ATTRACT link to an Instagram or TikTok post and increase your chance of attracting talent.

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Points of sale.

In-store and on your advertising boards, a QR Code will take passive candidates into your recruitment process fast.

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100% integrated, total candidate immersion.

Integration of your corporate brand.

ATTRACT will perfectly integrate all the codes of your company’s brand including your logo, colours, background images and more.

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Integration of all vacancies and careers.

Include as many professions and positions as you want to drive interest and engagement to a mass audience.

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Integration of your 'Rich Media' content.

Reuse and repurpose all the video content that you have already produced for your career site and social media networks.

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Integration with your ATS.

Directly find the candidates who have applied with your existing applicant tracking system.

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'Outstanding' results.

For you and for your organisation.


More qualified candidates

Candidates are automatically directed to positions that will suit and nurture their talents.

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You don’t need to spend your time pre-qualifying candidate profiles. Spend it elsewhere.

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Satisfied candidates

The ATTRACT experience delivers exceptional value to all of your candidates.

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Discover how our clients are improving their talent management.

Improved Candidate Experience.

Since we deployed AssessFirst, we have increased candidate satisfaction by 77%, while reducing staff turnover by 34%.

Candidate satisfaction 77%
Staff churn 34%
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Acceleration of the recruitment process.

AssessFirst saved us time in our recruitment process. This allowed us to reallocate this saved time: enhancing the candidate experience and our employer brand.

Acceleration of recruitment 67%
Improvement of employer brand 59%
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Making skills assessment more reliable.

The Competency Framework functionality offered by AssessFirst offers us a reliable skills assessment model that is easy to use and perfectly aligned with our company culture.

Model reliability 97%
Employee satisfaction 86%
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