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AssessFirst uses behavioural science and cutting-edge AI technology to help you make better decisions. Get to the heart of the matter with our Knowledge Hub, where you will find all the resources you need to better understand our approach.

The Assessment Of The Human Potential

How we built an integrated model based on the assessment of the personality (SWIPE), the motives (DRIVE) and the aptitudes (BRAIN).


Client Predictive Validity & ROI Studies

How to anticipate the ability to succeed and reduce employee turnover through psychometrics


Study of accessibility and equity

This document contains information concerning the accessibility and fairness/equity of the AssessFirst solution (results of assessments and predictive algorithm), notably regarding gender, age, disability or ethnicity.

Explore our diverse range of scientific research studies.

Explore our extensive collection of studies and articles that shed light on the scientific foundations of our HR approach. Discover how the science of behavior and artificial intelligence converge to enhance your HR decisions.

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