We are on a Big F**k!ng Mission.

Helping people and companies understand what makes them unique and inspire them to make full use of their potential.

Our vision.

Why we do what we do…

We currently live in a world where most individuals don’t really know who they are, much less what makes them unique… So they have a tendency to make decisions – in both their personal and professional lives – that are not always the best for them.

Then we have companies, which continue to hire or guide people in an archaic way. For example, many of them still rely on completely outdated criteria and methods such as pre-selection based on a CV or cover letter. And then there are the companies that rely blindly on a “feeling” they may get during an interview, and we know very well that those feelings are full of biases.

Worse yet, under the guise of innovative practices, we’ve witnessed the development of “automated” CV sorting and 2-minute video interviews… which is just a faster way to exacerbate the underlying problems of the hiring process.

The result of all this is that it’s rarely the most skilled person or the one with the best potential who gets the job, but rather the person with the most “flamboyant” resume or the one who knows how to make the best impression in an interview.

This is a horribly ineffective way of doing things and it generates a whole host of injustices…

Furthermore, it doesn’t serve the interests of the company or the individuals concerned.


We find it intolerable that most people are stuck in this status quo.

That’s why, every day, we devote most of our brain power, energy, passion and financial resources to changing the system.


How are we taking concrete action, around the globe, to establish a new hiring standard that is fairer?

At AssessFirst, we believe that in order to sustainably change things on a deep level, it is imperative that the solution we provide serve the interests of both job applicants and of companies. Without this fundamental balance, we do not think that any significant or lasting change is possible.

We therefore designed a solution that allows individuals and companies to better understand themselves and truly make the best decisions in a very real way.

For individuals (applicants and employees), we allow each person to gain an understanding of the natural talents that make them unique. The person simply has to complete their profile on AssessFirst. They automatically have access to a complete report on the various aspects of their personality, but also on what motivates them and their cognitive abilities. Armed with this information, they can more effectively direct their efforts to target the jobs and companies where they truly have a chance of succeeding and enjoying themselves on a daily basis.

For companies, we provide a predictive solution that is turbo-boosted by AI. This solution gives them the ability to hire and manage their talent more effectively, basing their decisions on the analysis of each person’s potential (well beyond what their CV tells us). The result? Faster, higher quality hiring situations where people deliver better performance sooner and generally stay in their job longer. Many of our customers also use AssessFirst to manage internal mobility of employees, build succession plans or even to create teams that will provide the best possible performance.

So far, more than 3,500 companies across 40 countries have used AssessFirst successfully and therefore participated in the creation of a more efficient and equitable world.


Who works at AssessFirst?

To achieve our mission, we need a big team! Our hiring system is of the utmost importance to us.

It can definitely be “disorienting” to see who works at AssessFirst when you come from a “traditional” company…

Here, you’ll find profiles that you don’t normally see in most companies.

At AssessFirst, we don’t employ entire classes of people who just graduated from the best business or engineering schools. Of course, some of our colleagues have those backgrounds, but we didn’t hire them exclusively for that reason.

Our objective is to allow each person who applies to start with the same opportunities at the outset.

Of course, we have to make choices, and there is limited space. However, neither your CV nor your cover letter will help us decide whether or not we ask you for an interview…

Hiring at AssessFirst is based on your personality, motivations and reasoning abilities in order to identify how well you fit with the job, your manager and the company.

The thing that the people here have in common is that they are brilliant, passionate, committed, hard-working and creative problem solvers who care so much about achieving our “Mission”, it’s as if their lives depended on it.

It may sound excessive to say it that way… but it’s true!

If we tried to characterise these profiles, to give them a name, we could say that – for the most part – they are “Entrepreneur” types.


In the span of a few years, the increased power of algorithms, automation and robotics has deprived humans of a growing number of tasks and activities that were reserved to them previously. While it has been a form of liberation in many respects, it also makes us rethink our place in the word and the future of work.

If we aren’t careful, large numbers of people will find themselves sidelined in the near future, as they become unable to contribute in ways that distinguish them from automated systems…


Management at AssessFirst.

We invest heavily in our employees. It is important to us for each employee in the company to succeed and feel fulfilled by their work.

We listen to each person. We believe that listening helps make our company better, every day.

While we know that our teams are incredible, we also understand that we can always do better.

We are still at the beginning of our journey and we aspire to more.

When you join AssessFirst, we will do everything we can to help you go higher, to continuously progress.

It’s a demanding way of working and it works best for people who are seeking that level of excellence.

Two major principles guide our way of working, and they work hand in hand.

#RadicalFreedom & #ExtremeResponsibility

Something important we should mention (to give you the necessary context), is that AssessFirst is a #FullRemote company.

This means we have no physical office. Everyone works where they want. That might be at home, at a coworking office, alone or with colleagues, in France, or abroad… Whatever!

And of course, we’ve done everything in our power to make sure this setup does not feel depressing or isolating for anyone.

If you want to learn more about what we’ve implemented to make sure everyone can live the #FullRemote experience as happily and enthusiastically as possible, check out this link.

We bring up #FullRemote, because #FullRemote means “major freedom”!

In #FullRemote mode, you can work wherever you want. From a big city or from the most isolated spot on Earth. The only requirement is a high-quality internet connection so we can communicate efficiently and so you can interact with our customers, partners and other stakeholders without experiencing lag or being disconnected every 5 minutes…


So, you can work from wherever you want.

You can organise your days however you want, too.

Of course, we expect you to be at meetings, whether they are internal or with customers. It’s important for you to specify certain time slots where your colleagues and/or manager can reach you.

But beyond that, you do you! We have people who wake up at 10am every day. Others prefer to work at night. Some morning people start at dawn and finish early in the afternoon.

No one will scold you or give you side eye if you go to the doctor, head to the gym to blow off some steam or pick up your kids from school without taking a half-day off.

We really couldn’t care less, actually.

The only requirement is that you do your work, communicate well and coordinate with the rest of the company.

This freedom is also a sign that we trust you to carry out your mission.

No micromanagement around here!

We believe that people are most fulfilled at work when we trust them and communicate transparently. The company is growing, but we care about maintaining this freedom. We don’t want to create a process or rule every time there’s an issue.

We want to remain flexible and mobile, so we can always adjust to the world around us.

It’s a constant challenge to preserve this freedom in a context of major growth, which can feel destabilising.

The trade-off? With great power comes great responsibility, and that applies to our employees on both an individual and collective level.


Extreme responsibility is the necessary counterweight to radical freedom, which we offer everyone within the company.

If you are not responsible, if you don’t have the interests of the company at heart, but also the interests of your colleagues or people on other teams, it can’t work.

When you decide to confront a problem as huge as the one we’re attempting to solve, you can’t hide behind excuses of any kind. So we expect everyone to be demanding of themselves, but also to guarantee this expectation is met within their own team(s).

We put all our energy into maintaining the excellence of our employees and creating processes that develop the productivity of our teams.

We want our managers and leaders to model this responsibility by ensuring they provide good examples: excellence, a high level of self-discipline, problem-solving (without having to ask) and acting in the best interest of AssessFirst.

For more info on this topic, check out the main principles that guide what we do at AssessFirst.


Making history since 2002.

Since 2002, we’ve been continuously reinventing the way companies recruit and develop their talent. In 2012 we undertook a major shift by developing an unprecedented predictive approach. The results we obtain today for each of our clients have made AssessFirst one of the most innovative and influential organisations in the HR tech space.

We have impacted the life paths of over 5 million people. That means 5 million individuals who had the chance to be considered based on who they are as humans, beyond their academic achievements, professional background, age, gender or origin.

Our client base comprises 3500 companies in over 40 countries around the globe—all of whom use AssessFirst to make the world better. They are committed to better, more equitable recruitment, to talent development, to identifying potential in their workforce, and to boosting upward mobility for employees, all while building top-performing teams.

Discover the crew behind the Big F**k!ng Mission


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People impacted





We are here because there are some massive questions that even Google can't answer.

3500 clients in 40 different countries.

Our clients are companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from freelance recruiters in Santa Monica, Geneva and Bali, through a small family business headquartered in Midwestern United States, all the way to global corporations employing several hundred thousand people across all continents.

Our daily inspiration.

At AssessFirst, we are motivated by a relentless desire to make the world a better place, where each person can become the best possible version of themselves, make full use of their potential, and contribute through this to the betterment of society.

These are some of the our guiding principles:


Own Your Goals.

Your objectives are what drive all of your actions in the company on a daily basis. It’s what determines how you organise your work, who you will work with and if you are in a position to succeed or fail at AssessFirst.

You have to be able – at any moment – to recognise the 3 key objectives we expect you to be working towards at AssessFirst.

It’s imperative that these 3 objectives be perfectly clear for you and that you make them your own.

We know that the company is growing very quickly, and sometimes it can be difficult to know what is expected of you.

If you don’t know these goals, or if you have doubts about something, consider the situation as extremely problematic, get some perspective and talk to your manager immediately.

Typical behaviours:

  • You know your 3 main objectives.
  • You understand how they contribute to the AssessFirst mission.
  • You have clearly identified the steps / things you need to do to reach them.
  • You see exactly what might prevent you from reaching them.
  • You know precisely what to do to avoid ending up in that kind of situation.




Get shit done.

Every day, you must devote yourself to moving things in the right direction. Don’t wait ages to start working. Don’t wait for it to be “the right time” to get started. Never forget that the perfect time doesn’t actually exist.

Remember one thing: the right time is now.

Devote energy to it as well. Don’t balk at doing what needs to be done. You will often enjoy what you have to do. And sometimes, you’ll be totally sick of it.

We all have tasks we prefer over others. While it’s not always easy, it’s your ability to tackle the annoying tasks with the same determination you apply elsewhere that will prove your force of character.

Your commitment to your job will be a key to your success here. So, don’t try to avoid certain tasks. When you need to get shit done, the shortest route is often the best.

Typical behaviours:

  • When you know you have something to do, you do it, without asking yourself a million questions.
  • You fully understand that it’s better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing.
  • You focus on results more than the process.
  • You don’t look for empty excuses to explain why you haven’t done something.
  • You know how to avoid pointless distractions.
  • You know how to identify the times when you are most productive for each type of task you need to do.


Good enough is not enough.

Never settle for the minimum. Here, we don’t do things just to keep busy. Your job is not to check boxes on a To-Do List.

Your job is to give the best of yourself, every time. Of course, we can’t ALWAYS be on point. We all have times where we’re less efficient. If that’s the case, rest. Come back when you’re in better shape, whether that’s an hour or a week later.

But when you are working on something, do it to perfection. Give your all. Here, we do not allow mediocrity. You need to be proud of your work, every time.

Our objective is to always push our work further, to always do better.

Question yourself, be aware that there are areas where you can improve.

Typical behaviours:

  • When you begin a task, you put your best foot forward.
  • It’s important to you to take pride in your work.
  • You would not be able to stand it if people said you did the bare minimum.
  • You have endurance and you don’t mind making an effort.
  • You are constantly seeking to improve your results.
  • You establish high standards of performance in your job.




Never stop growing.

In a company that is growing by 40% each year, you can’t stagnate. Every one of us has to constantly be asking how we can be better. And taking concrete action to actually be better (wanting it is not enough…).

You are responsible for continuing to train, throughout your career here (and ideally throughout your life). Imagine the situation if everyone continued to progress around you, and you just sat back and trusted what you already knew… You would quickly be lost. And if several of us do it, then one day we’ll be replaced by more curious, harder working people than us.

Read the resources AssessFirst provides. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Never make the assumption that you perfectly understand a topic. Only people who have stopped working have that kind of belief, and generally they aren’t the ones who go furthest in the company, or in life.

While the company, and your manager can help you, remember: You are the first actor in your learning!

You are your own teacher.

Continuing to make progress means determination and discipline, and only you can provide that.

Typical behaviours:

  • You’re curious and interested in lots of different topics.
  • You like to read about topics relating to your job.
  • You are always looking for new ways to grow.
  • You know your strong points, but you’re also aware of the areas you need to work on.
  • You take online trainings or courses.
  • You understand the difference between knowing and applying.
  • You are inspired by others’ successes.
  • You talk to other people to understand how they got to where they are today.


Be kind to others.

Respect is fundamental, and so is kindness. No one likes to be treated with disdain.

It’s hurtful in the moment, and over time, it significantly damages a relationship and the ability for people to work together efficiently.

We expect everyone to behave with respect and kindness at all times when interacting with others in the company.

In this instance, titles, seniority or the fact that you’ve obtained exceptional results on the job, do not give you a pass for treating others badly. If we hear or see that kind of behaviour from you, you should be worried about your future in the company.

Typical behaviours:

  • You believe it’s important for other people to feel good.
  • You’re attentive to the way others feel.
  • When you talk to someone, you are careful not to hurt them for no reason.
  • You adapt your communication to the person in front of you.
  • You are capable of discussing positive and negative topics with good intentions.
  • You take time to listen and understand before reacting.
  • You don’t treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated.




Think and act as one.

Nothing is worse than asking someone a question and hearing them respond: “That’s not my job!”

At AssessFirst, we know that we’re all connected in one way or another. No one’s job is completely separate from everyone else’s.

When someone asks you something, always try to see how you can help them. And if you don’t have the right answer, tell them who they can talk to. If you really think the person is exaggerating and they could do it themselves, say so. But always with respect and kindness.

We’re not saying it’s easy to do in a company that’s expanding like we are, and we know that it can be frustrating. However, we’re firm believers that Team Spirit, cooperation and an ability to solve problems together are what allow us to obtain exceptional results, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Typical behaviours:

  • First and foremost, you consider your team to be THE COMPANY, not just Sales, the Devs, Marketers or Science.
  • You’re ready to help others and give them a hand.
  • You understand that when you help one person grow, you’re helping the entire company grow.


Disagree openly.

When you disagree on something with a colleague or your manager, tell them! Never let your frustration or resentment fester.

When we use the right words (again, with respect and kindness), we can say (almost) anything to anyone!

When they don’t agree, most people prefer to keep quiet because they think they will cause problems for themselves. Here, the opposite is true. We know that when people keep quiet about a disagreement, that’s when the problems start. So you should never hesitate to start a conversation. It’s a sign of courage. Of course, always express your disagreement with respect and kindness.

Fundamentally, there is no reason to fear a disagreement. The key is for our disagreements to be constructive. And to achieve that, we must establish trust and understand that there is nothing to win or lose.

Don’t take discussions or questions as personal attacks. On the contrary, consider them as opportunities to improve our organisation.

Disagreements are never the most pleasant experiences, but it’s a moment where you can potentially move to another level.

Typical behaviours:

  • You’re comfortable openly discussing problems you may encounter with others.
  • You don’t let situations fester or worsen…
  • You refuse to spread rumours or talk about others behind their back.
  • You seek to establish trust before giving feedback.
  • When someone gives you feedback, you don’t take it as a personal attack.
  • You understand that you can disagree with someone and still respect them.
  • You know that honest feedback helps us all move forward.
  • You know how to express disagreement with tact and kindness.




Be part of the solution.

Always do your best to approach problems in a constructive way. Sometimes we don’t agree with a certain decision. That’s OK.

Every time that happens, try to propose alternatives and/or solid arguments to explain why you disagree.

We all need to do our best, at our own level, to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to get perspective, but we need it to help the company grow.

Knowing how to evaluate and solve problems are two skills that take daily practice.

We will encounter difficulties throughout our entire life, so it’s best if we can learn to approach them in a constructive way.

Typical behaviours:

  • You don’t reject something just because “you feel like it”.
  • Before expressing your opposition, you take the time to fully understand the point of view of the other person and their idea or proposal.
  • You are capable of contextualising a problem and asking the right questions in order to solve it.
  • Whenever you disagree, you make a point of finding alternatives to propose.
  • If you don’t have an opinion on a topic, you don’t attempt to say something just for the sake of saying something.


Pick up the paper.

When a person sees a piece of paper lying on the ground, they may have 2 types of reactions:

There’s the person who continues on their way and says, “it’s just a piece of paper, and I’m not the one who put it there, anyway.”

And then there’s the person who picks it up, as if the paper were on the floor of their own living room.

Always strive to be part of this second category of people. They are the ones who move the world forward and make a difference.

If you see someone acting stupid in the company, tell them. If you think a process is broken, say so. If you realise something isn’t working or could be improved, speak up!

We all know that this attitude requires a lot of energy and you’ll have to repeat the message several times to make sure you’re heard.

Don’t give up! Being an example for others can take time. And one day, someone else will pick up the piece of paper.

If we all adopt this behaviour consistently, we will become #unstoppable.

Typical behaviours:

  • You believe the collective good is more important than individual interests.
  • If you see unsuitable behaviour, you’re able to tell the person.
  • If you see something that’s not right, you talk about it.
  • When a problem arises, you don’t just look the other way.
  • You inspire others with your action.




Think AssessFirst first.

When you have a decision to make, whether it’s a product decision, how to spend the company’s money or solving a disagreement with someone or between 2 other people, always think about the company’s interests first.

No one is here solely for personal gain, to favour one person over another or only the members of their team. The decisions we make must always go beyond that.

A simple thing you can do when you have a decision to make is always ask yourself: “Does the decision I’m about to make serve the best interests of AssessFirst?” If the answer is YES, go for it! If the answer is NO, don’t do it.

If you’re hesitating between two actions, think about our brand, our mission, our product, and everything we’re trying change in the world. This will help you make the best choices possible for the company.

Typical behaviours:

  • You consider the company’s money is precious and not to be wasted.
  • You do what is best for AssessFirst, not what is best for you.
  • When you have to buy something, you demonstrate common sense.
  • You don’t use your position to give yourself special privileges that others don’t have access to.
  • You adopt our objectives and principles as your own, as much as possible.