We are on a Big F**k!ng Mission.

Helping people and companies understand what makes them unique and inspire them to make full use of their potential.

Our vision.

The world we live in today is drastically different from the world we’ve come to know over the past 50 years.

More volatile, more uncertain, more complex and also more ambiguous. Our universe has transformed radically, opening up infinite possibilities in almost all industries and sectors, from science, technology and economics, to spirituality and art.

The speed at which these changes take place have introduced a new paradigm…



In the span of a few years, the increased power of algorithms, automation and robotics has deprived humans of a growing number of tasks and activities that were reserved to them previously. While it has been a form of liberation in many respects, it also makes us rethink our place in the word and the future of work.

If we aren’t careful, large numbers of people will find themselves sidelined in the near future, as they become unable to contribute in ways that distinguish them from automated systems…



At AssessFirst, we believe that in order to remain relevant and make significant contributions, individuals must leverage the resources at the heart of their humanity—who they really are—and be ready to reinvent themselves continuously.

Our humanity is a vast repository of resources. Although not all of them can compete with technology today (just think of the calculating power of your smartphone, or the consistency with which an algorithm can process complex data), many of them—specially as it pertains to soft skills, “behavioural” skills and creative power—are an endless well from which we can draw in order to determine our destiny and shape history.

We believe that by focusing on our true selves, the way we assimilate the world, our most profound motivations, and our myriad skills (leadership, empathy, creativity, collaboration…) we are better able to identify our calling, find a means of expression, leave our marks and lead the way for a better future.


10K * 8.

An average person spends 80,000 hours of their life working. And, on average, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become a world-class referent in any given domain. You could say then that we all have opportunities for making an exceptional contribution to the world. In fact we could do so about 8 times in the course of our lives.

Of course, these are simply theoretical figures. But imagine that you had the possibility of dedicating just 10,000 hours of your entire existence for a cause that you are passionate about and for which you could leverage your most valuable and unique traits… What would your state of mind be like? How energised would you feel every morning when you wake up? What would occupy your thoughts every day?

If you recruit or manage talent, imagine if you had the possibility to identify those people whose strongest motivations and natural skills allowed them to put their incredible potential to use in the context of your organisation and its development. Where would your company be today? How about a year from now? 5 years? 10 years?


Making this augmented world a reality is the driver that stirs us into action all day, every day at AssessFirst.


David Bernard

CEO @ AssessFirst


Making history since 2002.

Since 2002, we’ve been continuously reinventing the way companies recruit and develop their talent. En 2012 we undertook a major shift by developing an unprecedented predictive approach. The results we obtain today for each of our clients have made AssessFirst one of the most innovative and influential organisations in the HR tech space.

We have impacted the life paths of over 5 million people. That means 5 million individuals who had the chance to be considered based on who they are as humans, beyond their academic achievements, professional background, age, gender or origin.

Our client base comprises 3500 companies in over 40 countries around the globe—all of whom use AssessFirst to make the world better. They are committed to better, more equitable recruitment, to talent development, to identifying potential in their workforce, and to boosting upward mobility for employees, all while building top-performing teams.

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We are here because there are some massive questions that even Google can't answer.

3500 clients in 40 different countries.

Our clients are companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from freelance recruiters in Santa Monica, Geneva and Bali, through a small family business headquartered in Midwestern United States, all the way to global corporations employing several hundred thousand people across all continents.

Our daily inspiration.

At AssessFirst, we are motivated by a relentless desire to make the world a better place, where each person can become the best possible version of themselves, make full use of their potential, and contribute through this to the betterment of society.

These are some of the our guiding principles:


Human Centric.

Humans are at the heart of everything we do at AssessFirst. We create positive, enriching and inspiring experiences that encourage each person to ask themselves the right questions about who they are, as well as the best pathways to expressing their talents and making a unique contribution.




Maximum value.

Our solutions are designed to offer maximum added value to each of our users. Employees and candidates gain access to in-depth information about themselves and their talents, as well as ressources for making tangible progress. Our clients benefit from solutions that allow them to make better decisions, be more efficient and significantly reduce turnover.


Obsessed with excellence.

Our aim at AssessFirst is to build a world-class company in the talent identification, capitalisation and management sector. We are not interested in becoming one of the bunch. We work hard to shape history by transforming the way companies understand all aspects of Human Talent, and the place that it should have in creating value.




N[0] compromises.

Every decision made at AssessFirst—from strategic to seemingly insignificant—is made in light of the objectives we’ve set for ourselves. We don’t do things in order to please others: we do what we know to be right.