Our Whitepapers.

Here you’ll find the white papers written by our experts: helping to power your knowledge of the latest trends in recruitment and talent management.

2023 opinion report. The impact of AI on Recruitment

Insight collected from 200 HR and Talent leaders across the UK in partnership with HR Grapevine.

Predictive Recruitment Guide

Discover the predictive science and research that can help your business re-evaluate your candidate pre-selection and screening.

Generation Alpha Report

Discover Generation Alpha, the next generation of the workforce!

Generation Alpha Guide

Discover Generation Alpha, the next generation of the workforce!

Equality Guide for Talent & Recruitment

Accelerate gender equality in your organisation by focussing on what steps you can take in recruitment to attract more female talent.

Hiring for Sales teams in 2022

Take your next sales hires further faster with key industry insights plus AssessFirst secrets for sales team success.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Report 2021

Access the official AssessFirst DE&I report produced in association with HR Grapevine that surveyed over 200 HR leaders in the UK.

Softskills Whitepaper

Become a master of soft skills! With this white paper, make soft skills a real priority in your HR policy.

Diversity & Inclusion Guide

Get started with your own diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives with this easy-to-follow 3 step guide.

Workforce planning guide

An ultra-practical free guide with exercises, examples and a case study to help you master your workforce planning strategy.