Soft Skills 2.0 Guide!

The recruitment process: how to choose THE right candidate?

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Make (real) use of soft skills in your recruitment!

Define your expectations effectively !

Find out how to structure your job advertisements and interviews to clarify expectations and precisely match the skills sought with the reality of the job.

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Making informed decisions.

Discover proven strategies for assessing the real potential of candidates, enabling you to make informed decisions and recruit employees who fit in perfectly and contribute effectively to your company’s success!

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Optimising your recruitment process.

Take advantage of a structured and comprehensive approach to integrate soft skills effectively along every step of the recruitment process. From clarifying your expectations to the cultural interview with the candidates, this guide is your ally for choosing THE right talent and ensuring long-term integration into your company!

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Are you fully exploiting the power of soft skills?

Discover advice, tools and strategies from recruitment experts!

Find out how our customers are improving their talent management.

Improving the Candidate Experience.

Since we deployed AssessFirst, we have increased candidate satisfaction by 77%, while reducing turnover by 34%.

Satisfaction candidat 77%
Turn over 34%
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Speeding up the recruitment process.

AssessFirst has saved us time in our recruitment process, which has enabled us to reallocate the time saved to enhance the candidate experience and our employer brand.

Acceleration du recrutement 67%
Amélioration de la marque employteur 59%
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Making skills assessment more reliable.

Assessfirst’s Competency Framework provides us with a reliable skills assessment model that is easy to use and perfectly aligned with our culture.

Fiabilité du modèle 97%
Satisfaction collaborateurs 86%
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AssessFirst gives HR superpowers Whether it’s hiring new talent, developing existing talent, or managing role evolutions within your organisation, AssessFirst provides you with all the insight you need to make the best HR decisions, at every step of the talent management life cycle.

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