Source talent, not CVs.

Access an ultra-qualified database of more than 350,000 profiles. Select the best to recruit based on their soft skills and key behaviours.

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CV sourcing solutions are a thing of the past.

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Discover sourcing based on potential!

Here’s how it works…

You define the qualities you expect.

Select a predictive model or customise the suggested personal qualities that you think are essential for the job.

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It takes just one click to access the best profiles.

See all the profiles that best match your criteria including those in your preferred location(s).

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Refine the results (as much as you want).

Quickly refine or broaden results with pre-built filters for the targeted position.

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Automate your candidate outreach.

Use AssessFirst to contact all the candidates you wish to meet: complete with personalised approaches according to their personality.

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Do you want to feel the difference?

+ Relevant.

The CV doesn’t tell you much about talent. By sourcing with AssessFirst, you’ll find candidates based on soft skills and qualities that are predictive of success.

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+ Rapid.

Stop unnecessary interviews: the ones where your team spends time with candidates who look good on paper, but who don’t display the attitudes that you’re trying to find.

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+ Quality.

Most CV databases promise you access to millions of CVs. But you don’t need more candidates! You just need to meet the right people.

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More than 40 search criteria.

20 personality traits.

Leadership. Ability to influence. Empathy. Creativity.  Even strong organisational skills… it’s up to you to create the ideal profile of your future talent!

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20 motivational drivers.

Are you looking for someone motivated above all by money? Or wanting to succeed? Or needing a taste for relationships? Place the cursor exactly where you want it.

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Ability and speed of reasoning.

Change the barometer according to the degree of complexity of the tasks that you wish to entrust to your future talent.

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... plus traditional recruitment criteria.

You can also filter your candidates by level of study, degree of experience or by location where that criteria makes sense for you.

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Get ready for incredible results.

What our clients are seeing.


Fewer screening interviews

You no longer waste time interviewing candidates who are good only “on paper”.

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More qualified candidates

By pre-selecting candidates based on potential, you increase conversion rates.

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Automated tasks

Get time back and devote yourself to the missions that matter most.

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Discover how our clients are improving their talent management.

Improved Candidate Experience.

Since we deployed AssessFirst, we have increased candidate satisfaction by 77% and reduced staff turnover by 34%.

Candidate satisfaction 77%
Staff churn improvement 34%
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Acceleration of the recruitment process.

AssessFirst saved us time in our recruitment process. This allowed us to reallocate the saved time: enhancing the candidate experience and our employer brand.

Recruitment acceleration 67%
Improvement of the employer brand 59%
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Making skills assessment more reliable.

The Competency Framework functionality offered by Assessfirst offers us a reliable skills assessment model that is easy to use and perfectly aligned with our company culture.

Model reliability 97%
Employee satisfaction 86%
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