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BNP Paribas Personal Finance

Nurturing top leaders for the future

BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK provides consumer finance in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. In order for their people and leaders to drive their future strategy, they want to ensure they have the right skills. Vicky Docker – Head of Talent Career and Development – explains how BNP Personal Finance UK were able to see how their leadership groups were working, where their strengths were and where the opportunities were for development.

Punch Pubs

Finding driven people for hospitality

Punch Pubs & Co is a pub and bar operator in the United Kingdom, with approximately 1,500 leased pubs. It is headquartered in the traditional brewing centre of Burton upon Trent in Staffordshire. Here, Vicky Brown – National Recruitment Manager – reveals how this award winning hospitality firm are using AssessFirst to look beyond the CV: identifying motivated passionate people to run top quality pubs across the UK.

Spencer Ogden

Increasing diversity.

Global recruitment specialists, Spencer Ogden, explain how through their use of AssessFirst they have been able to objectively determine the key behaviours of their best performing trainee consultants in their London office.

Using this behavioural benchmark – in combination with AssessFirst’s AI – they have revolutionised their hiring process and within six months of using AssessFirst are seeing incredible results.


More diverse


Interview to hire ratio

Pret A Manger

Hiring passionate employees and managers.

International casual dining chain and franchise, Pret A Manger, puts the human factor at the heart of their business. It made perfect sense for them to turn to AssessFirst for their hiring and talent development. They are benefitting from in-depth knowledge of  their employee’s personality, motivations and the type of management that allows them to thrive in their career.


Restaurant locations


Employee engagement

Publicis Media

Making recruitment smarter.

Publicis media, part of the global advertising and media firm, Publicis Group, used AssessFirst to make smarter hiring decisions that would compliment the growth of their diverse teams and help to tackle challenges surrounding staff turnover. They achieved this and also discovered that they could use AssessFirst to understand their people better across the business.

Rocket School

Recruiting for soft-skills.

Rocket School is a digital-industry school where admissions are based entirely on soft skills.

Cyril Pierre de Geyer, CEO at Rocket School, explains how he uses AssessFirst to pick the best candidates for their education programs and manage large numbers of applications to fill limited spots. AssessFirst helps him find candidates who will succeed and thrive in the program, and provide them with tailored career guidance.


Applications received


Accepted applications


Speed up candidate screening.

The Onepoint x Weave recruitment firm must respond to the HR challenges of their clients, in particular for the assessment of soft-skills and the reduction of turnover on executive and manager profiles.

Anthony Buchenet, Director of Onepoint x Weave, explains how AssessFirst makes it possible to project candidates into their future ecosystem and also ensure the “fit” between candidates and future managers.

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Time spent on screening


Increased performance

SNCF Réseau

Tackle mass hiring.

Dominique Becker, managing director of the SNCF Réseau recruitment agency must hire a large volumes of employees every year for “Europe’s largest construction site.”

With AssessFirst, the SNCF network can better prepare for interviews, conduct more efficient recruitment processes, and avoid compromising quality for quantity.

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Annual vacancies


Model predictivity

Modernise how you find and nurture talent.

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Make hiring processes reliable.

Laure Delaume (Director of HR Development), Nathalie Perrin (HR Supervisor), and Alice Florence Kuekam (HR Manager) state how AssessFirst complements their recruitment processes so they can hire talent with the potential to thrive in open roles.

AssessFirst predictive models help them predict the way candidates will integrate into existing teams. This results in an optimised process that translates into faster, more efficient recruitment.

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Model predictivity

ORPI – Christelle Clauss (Luxury Homes & Villas)

Increase retention of sales employees.

The Orpi – Christelle Clauss real estate agency uses AssessFirst for all their recruitment needs. Our suite allows them to source the best talent and, more importantly, create a harmonious, high-performing, fully engaged team. Our tools have helped them build a company culture that upholds the agency’s values and significantly impacts their business outcomes.

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Decrease in employee turnover


Increase in agency revenue

EM Strasbourg Business School

Help graduates enter the job market.

EM Strasbourg business schools prepares students for the job market through their Cap Career program.

Pauline Govart, head of Cap Career, details how she uses AssessFirst to help students land their first job and build a career plan aligned with their personality and aspirations, in the face of an over-saturated job market.

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