Generation Alph⍺

The groundbreaking report that unearths the topic of Generation Alpha for Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and HR professionals. 


Over 200 TA and HR leaders reveal the challenges that await the next generation.

Some organisations have been caught on the back-foot by the demands and expectations of Gen Z candidates. Employer brands are now catching up! But for many, the damage has already been done: hiring has never been more challenging in some UK sectors.

How can Talent Acquisition teams anticipate the future and position themselves at the centre of business hiring strategies? What challenges might businesses needs to overcome when it comes to recruiting future generations?

Begin to find out…

Key areas covered!


The present

What is the generational mix of current UK workforces? How are Talent teams prioritising recruitment according to different generations? And how different do recruitment strategies look today compared with just a few years ago?


The future

How ready are organisations for Generation Alpha and what data would most help TA leaders begin to prepare? How might remote working behaviours shift in the future and what impact might this have on recruitment?


The views

Anonymised views from report contributors and survey respondents that provide an insight led backdrop to the challenges TA and HR departments believe they face in this area.

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