Generation Alpha, the future of the workforce.

A look into the generation that will be joining the workforce in as little as four years and how you can work to anticipate their arrival now!


The next generation will be unique just as the generations before them!

Will your current recruitment processes suit the needs of Generation Alpha? How much will you need to change to accommodate them? We’re here to help! Use the signup sheet below to download your free guide to Generation Alpha! 🤩

Why are we looking at generation alpha now?


Who are Generation Alpha?

Generation Alpha refers to those born between 2010 and 2024. We may think of Generation Alpha as just babies however the oldest members are already 12 and so will be joining the world of work in as little as 4 years. With their entry into the workforce being so imminent it’s important that we prepare our teams now!


What is affecting them now?

Generation Alpha are being shaped by a number of prominent factors such as the pandemic, the sociopolitical landscape, education and social media. Because of this they will be entering the workforce with unique views and needs and we will need to accommodate this if we want successful hires and happy employees.


The future of the workforce.

Generation Alpha are the inevitable future of the workforce! They have been born entirely “tech native” and thus will come with the need for up to date technology such as AI. As well as this they will probably work well into their 70’s with the life expectancy due to rise even more. Are you ready for this?

What's included?

Et développez vos mobilités internes.

In this guide we aim to inform you about Generation Alpha and help you to prepare your practices now so that when the time comes you will be fully equipped to deal with this generation of the future! Did you know that 77% of HR professionals say that they were either inadequately prepared or not prepared at all for the introduction of Generation Alpha? We want to give you the tools to do so and so we took the work out of researching them yourself whilst providing practical advice that may even come in useful for your current generations that are, at present, made up of generations X, Y and Z!

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