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✨ Can we undo the damage assigned at birth? ✨

Did you know that baby girls crying are taken less seriously than baby boys? Because adults assume that if a boy is crying, they must be in more distress – amongst other factors. 

And this stereotyping sets the tone for what could be lifelong gender bias.

👉 He is assertive / she is aggressive

👉 He is passionate / she is hysterical 

👉 He is a strong leader / she is bossy

Most of us in HR and Talent Acquisition of course see through the flaws in these stereotypes. 

But how can organisations shake things up when the source of the problem comes from roles assigned since childhood?! Is the damage already done? Is it too late?

Make small changes that can make a big difference!

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Change the system, not the subject

Workplace equality requires an holistic approach across an entire organisation. Fairness in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is the catalyst for the rest of the talent lifecycle. Ready to read up and skill up?!

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