Hire the right person, not the right CV.

89% of failed hires are the result of a wrong fit between the candidate’s behaviour and the requirements of the position, the team or the company culture. AssessFirst helps you go beyond a candidate’s CV, and gives you a clear and accurate picture of who they really are.

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Improve your recruitment processes by leveraging hard data.

AssessFirst gathers the data you need to pinpoint the right criteria for each position, assess the true potential of each candidate, and shortlist the people who will know how succeed in your company (and enjoy themselves while they are at it).

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Hire with confidence.

Our proprietary predictive algorithms analyse over 200 criteria related to people’s personality, motivations and cognitive skills. You can leverage that same data to identify what determines success in your organisation, and hire better performing and more engaged candidates.


Analysed data points


Possible configurations

Increased accuracy.

Brain - AssessFirst's Cognitive Skills Test 100%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Drive - AssessFirst's Motivation's Questionnaire 58%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Shape - AssessFirst's Personality Questionnaire 63%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

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It's a Kind of Magic.

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Develop your ideal candidate profile.

We’ve built hundreds of categories of predictive models so you can easily define the right profile for each of your open positions.

AI Supercharged Models

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence is engineered to identify the criteria that determine success and engagement by assessing your current workforce.

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Customised models

Create your own predictive models by selecting from over 50 different criteria to build the profile you are looking for.

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400+ Benchmark Models

AssessFirst has created benchmark models for more than 400 occupations, based on detailed assessment of over 5 million practicing professionals in more than 40 countries.

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Set up recruitment campaigns.

Our integrated campaign system is designed to streamline your internal and external recruitment operations, all within the AssessFirst app.

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Assess your candidates.

Your candidates and employees are worth more than their career history. AssessFirst allows you to gather thousands of behavioural data points related to each individual’s talent and potential.

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Single out the best.

One simple click on our Magic Button instantly shortlists the candidates that perfectly match all your expectations.

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Evaluate each trait...

Discover each candidate’s strengths and their areas of growth, and assess them against your ideal profile.

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Ensure the best team fit.

Our highly powerful affinity algorithms were engineered in-house to predict the capacity of individuals to get along and work together productively.

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Get management insight.

Our tailored suggestions for managing each of your candidates will provide valuable insight for successfully integrating them into the team.

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30% more productive workforce, 2X as fast.

By expertly selecting your future coworkers based on their potential, soft skills and culture fit, you’ll ensure they’re top performers, who hit the ground running and stay in it for the long haul.

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Make turnover rates plummet.

Make.turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover.rates plummet.

Make turnover...rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates.plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

When you factor in your candidates’ global potential and their fit with your company culture, you can keep them engaged 2 times longer on average.


Retail Sector

The standard recruitment process based on CV screening was modified to shortlist candidates based on personality and cognitive ability instead. Salespeople recruited with the new model stay on 2 times as long on average and achieve 11% higher sales rates than those hired using the old model.

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Lower turnover rates


Candidates assessed / year

- bias, + diversity

AssessFirst allows you to focus exclusively on the criteria that can impact performance and engagement levels, so you can widen your candidate pool. Whether it’s age, nationality, gender, academic qualifications or professional background, you’ll be sure to hire collaborators with more varied profiles.


Real Estate Sector

In the context of their Graduate Recruitment program, candidates were being preselected from a pool of 4 target schools and on the basis of their CV alone. This led to 80% of retained applicants being male. By screening candidates based on soft skills, the organisation was able to diversify their resource pool (opening recruitment to non-targeted schools) and drastically reduce the gender gap for recruited profiles.

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More women hired


Of new recruits were women