AI Predictive Hiring.

Hire with confidence.

Measure the potential of candidates in the context of your company culture and top performers. Boost recruitment results with the power of artificial intelligence.

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Recruit with confidence.

Leverage the data from our proprietary predictive algorithms that analyse over 200 criteria related to people’s personality, motivation and cognitive skills. Quickly identify and hire better performing and more engaged employees on a consistent basis.


Analysed data points


Possible configurations

Accurate predictions.

Brain - AssessFirst's Cognitive Skills Test 100%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Drive - AssessFirst's Motivations assessment 58%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Shape - AssessFirst's Personality assessment 63%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

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AI Models.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence will identify the criteria that determine success and engagement in your organisation by assessing your current workforce. This will create custom predictive models on a role by role basis.

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Custom models.

Create your own predictive models in as little as a few minutes. Adjust over 50 different criteria to build the ideal candidate profile that you are recruiting for.

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Benchmark Models.

Choose from hundreds of benchmark models created based on detailed assessment of over 5 million practicing professionals in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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Step 1. Setup recruitment campaign.

Streamline your recruitment via campaign structures. Set everything up within the AssessFirst application with the option to integrate with your ATS.

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Step 2. Assess applicants.

Assess an unlimited number of candidates. Give them the best candidate experience with our widely popular assessment suite.

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Step 3. Rank and analyse.

Sort and instantly see top assessment results compared with your predictive model.

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Step 4. Analyse and evaluate.

Discover each candidate’s strengths and areas for growth  against your ideal profile. Identify areas to investigate via structured interviews.

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Ensure the best team fit.

Our highly powerful affinity algorithms predict the capacity of individuals to get along and work together productively.

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Build great teams.

Get valuable insight for successfully integrating new recruits into your team.

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