Innovate mobility to help them get ahead.

89% of failed hires are the result of a wrong fit between a person’s behaviour and the position, team or company culture. AssessFirst helps you look beyond a person’s CV: giving you an accurate picture of who they really are and what they really can be.

Reveal new horizons.

By evaluating real potential and employee soft skills you will be in a position to make bold suggestions for hierarchical and functional mobility, and better address employees’ needs to evolve and grow within the organisation.


Step outside the box.

By going beyond purely technical skill and focusing on employee potential, our predictive algorithms can suggest career pathways that are truly adapted to the abilities and motivations of each employee in your workforce.


Analysed data points


Possible configurations

Increased accuracy.

Brain - AssessFirst's Cognitive Skills Test 100%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Drive - AssessFirst's Motivation's assessment 58%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

Shape - AssessFirst's Personality assessment 63%
Job Interview 35%


More predictive power

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Model each open position.

Thanks to our different predictive model categories, defining an ideal profile for each position is a snap.

AI Supercharged Models

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence is engineered to identify the criteria that determine success and engagement by assessing your current workforce.


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Customised models

Create your own predictive models by selecting from over 50 different criteria to build the profile you are looking for.

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400+ Benchmark Models

AssessFirst has created benchmark models for more than 400 occupations, based on detailed assessment of over 5 million practicing professionals in more than 40 countries.

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Reveal each person's hidden talents.

Once your employees complete their AssessFirst profile, you will have access to a full assessment of each person’s talent and potential.

Define the scope for development.

Simply define the scope of roles open internally to get relevant career pathway suggestions for each employee.

Identify pathways for growth.

In one second flat you can discover the pathways that leverage the talents of each employee, as well as their motivations and the ease with which they will transition from one role to the next.

Give constructive feedback.

Our in-depth view gives you detailed insight about your employees’ natural strengths and key areas for development, contextualised for each of the roles they are aiming for.

Forecast integration.

The powerful affinity algorithms developed at AssessFirst will allow you to assess personal affinity between a team and their potential manager.


is made of

talent and


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Increased mobility, reduced turnover

Implementing internal mobility programs that leverage AssessFirst’s technology allows your organisation to increase the number of vertical and horizontal promotions to fill open positions, while also engaging and retaining your employees in the long term.

3X as many horizontal and vertical promotions.

AssessFirst’s predictive technology is based on our proprietary algorithms which allow you boost employee career development like never before, whether you’re promoting horizontally or vertically.


Real Estate Sector

In the context of their Graduate Recruitment program, candidates were being preselected from a pool of 4 target schools and on the basis of their CV alone. This led to 80% of retained applicants being male. By screening candidates based on soft skills, the organisation was able to diversify their resource pool (opening recruitment to non-targeted schools) and drastically reduce the gender gap for recruited profiles.

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More women hired


Of new recruits were women

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make.turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover.rates plummet.

Make turnover...rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates.plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

When you factor in your candidates’ global potential and their fit with your company culture, you can keep them engaged 2 times longer on average.


Retail Sector

The standard recruitment process based on CV screening was modified to shortlist candidates based on personality and cognitive ability instead. Salespeople recruited with the new model stay on 2 times as long on average and achieve 11% higher sales rates than those hired using the old model.

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Lower turnover rates


Candidates assessed / year