Champion in-house employee development.

Employee development programs today are geared towards “fixing” people by making them overcome their “weaknesses”. In addition to making individuals feel inadequate, this strategy fails to work in both the medium and long term.

Allow everyone to become their best selves.

When employees complete their AssessFirst profile, we deliver specially curated content for each of them so they can improve their skills by leveraging their natural talent. They can also build their own development plan by selecting the specific areas in which they want to grow.

Brand New Digital Learning Experience.

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Resources tailored to each individual.

Our powerful predictive algorithms allow us to suggest content specifically tailored to each person’s profile, and based what they want to learn and improve, as well as their natural learning style.


Content suggestions


Hours of content


Adapted to each person's unique talents

Suggested content is curated based on personality, unique talents and personal goals.


Adapted to different learning styles.

Content format can be selected based on individual learning styles.



We have indexed hundreds of videos specially selected to broaden employee’s mind, inspire them, and stir them into action, while also helping them acquire new knowledge and skills.



Podcasts are perfect for listening anytime, anywhere… commuting on the metro, during a mid-day workout, or on the walk home! Podcast content is skyrocketing and gaining listeners just as fast.



Articles featured on the platform are hand-picked for each subject employees want to explore in-depth. Whether a 5-minute or an hour-long read, we are sure to have suggested content adapted to each person’s needs.



Leadership, Empathy, Creativity, Planning… AssessFirst relies on its powerful affinity algorithms to match employees with potential mentors—within or outside the organisation—who can help them on their path to personal growth.

Employees who champion growth.

When employees are given the resources they need to grow personally and professionally, their satisfaction and engagement increases in the long term.

87% of employees say they know themselves better.

9 out 10 people who participated in development programs using AssessFirst said they were able to get a better understanding of who they are, what talents they possess and what areas they need to work on.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Energy Sector

A leading company in the Oil & Gas sector deployed AssessFirst’s development solution to bolster leadership and management skills in their executive employees. The program was aimed at several hundred managers and aspiring managers. The tool was made available on a “self-service” basis.

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Manager satisfaction rate


of people reported making progress

A direct boost for your business

By helping employees adapt their behaviour when interacting with direct clients, development programs that incorporate AssessFirst had a direct positive impact on client satisfaction, spontaneous recommendation rates, and overall turnover volume for the company.


Air Transportation Sector

A large national company, leader in the air transportation industry, deployed AssessFirst for their cabin crew members and cabin service directors. The objective behind the program was to bolster appropriate in-flight attitudes and behaviours in order to increase customer satisfaction.

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Attendants and service directors enrolled


Increased NPS