Transform Recruitment with Collaborative Predictive Hiring Technology.

Hiring the right people can be a challenge for any organisation. Traditional hiring methods often fall short in predicting job performance and cultural fit, leading to wasted time and resources. At AssessFirst, we take a collaborative approach to predictive HR solutions that can transform your hiring process and help to fuel healthy collaboration and efficiency between hiring managers and recruitment teams.

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Improve recruiter - manager communication.

Share candidate profiles directly with your managers in a format they can easily understand and work with. No unnecessary details or risk of misinterpretation.

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Get your managers involved.

Easily give hiring managers the opportunity to view all the information they need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate without you doing any extra work. Help them to make the best hiring decisions possible and fast.


Data Points analyzed


Possible configurations

Increased precision.

BRAIN Cognitive Test by AssessFirst 100%
Hiring interview 35%


More predictive

DRIVE Motivation Questionnaire by AssessFirst 58%
Hiring interview 35%


More predictive

SHAPE Personality Questionnaire by AssessFirst 63%
Hiring interview 35%


More predictive

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Collaboration is king.

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The collaborative way to recruit.

In just a few clicks, you can invite your managers to join AssessFirst. You’ll instantly be able to share the candidate profiles you’ve identified that may meet their needs.

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Share candidate profiles in 1 click.

It’s never been easier to share a candidate profile with a manager. Just click the share button on the profile, and you’re done!

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A format for managers.

To make it easier for your managers to read candidate results, we’ve designed a simplified reading grid. Hiring managers only see the information they need to make their best decisions.

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Customised management advice.

Manager can access to personalised integration and management advice. Their chances for a successful collaboration have never been so good.

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Your workforce is 30% more productive, 2X as fast.

Selecting your hires based on their potential, soft skills and how well they fit with your company culture allows you to recruit teammates with higher levels of performance, faster and for longer.

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Make turnover rates plummet.

Make.turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover.rates plummet.

Make turnover...rates plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

Make turnover rates.plummet.

Make turnover rates plummet.

When you factor in your candidates’ global potential and their fit with your company culture, you can keep them engaged in their job 2 times longer on average.


Retail Sector

The standard recruitment process based on CV screening was modified to shortlist candidates based on personality and cognitive ability instead. Salespeople recruited with the new model stay on 2 times as long on average and achieve 11% higher sales rates than those hired using the old model.

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Lower turnover rates


Candidates assessed / year

- bias, + diversity

AssessFirst allows you to focus exclusively on the criteria that can impact performance and engagement levels, so you can widen your candidate pool. Whether it’s age, nationality, gender, academic qualifications or professional background, you’ll be sure to hire collaborators with more varied profiles.


Real Estate Sector

In the context of their Graduate Recruitment program, candidates were being preselected from a pool of 4 target schools and on the basis of their CV alone. This led to 80% of retained applicants being male. By screening candidates based on soft skills, the organisation was able to diversify their resource pool (opening recruitment to non-targeted schools) and drastically reduce the gender gap for recruited profiles.

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More women hired


Of new recruits were women