Wen faced with recruitment challenges, the sourcing phase becomes more essential than ever to identify the candidates with the best chance of success in a specific job position, company, culture and team. To increase your ability to find the right talent quickly, AssessFirst has developed a brand new sourcing module. By relying on behavioural data – personality, motivations, and cognitive reasoning, which are very little impacted by gender (Hyde, 2014; Zell, Krizan & Teeter, 2015; Eagly & Revelle, 2022) and which are the most predictive of success (Schmitt, 2014), we are able to offer a modern, efficient and fair-by-design sourcing portal. Within two clicks, AssessFirst sends you a complete list of highly qualified candidates who perfectly match your requirements.

SmartScore: your essential indicator


To capture the relevance of a profile in relation to your search, we have developed the SmartScore: a score from 0 to 100, displayed on each candidate’s profile. SmartScore allows you to know to what extent the candidate corresponds to all your search criteria. The SmartScore is calculated using the most sophisticated evaluation technologies and ranking algorithms available today. Several indicators are taken into account, in particular:


  • More than 50 behavioural criteria: our algorithms identify the profiles that best match all the criteria you have defined. This is the most important element in the equation;
  • Location: if you are looking for a profile in London it would be irrelevant to propose profiles in Manchester. Our algorithms go even further, by including a daily journey logic: for example, 2 cities can be very far apart, but be connected by a train which allows the journey to be made in 20 minutes. The SmartScore includes this logic of proximity as a ranking criterion;
  • Occupation: of course, we’ll consider a candidate who already exercises the occupation for which you are hiring, as more relevant. However, we have developed similarity indicators between occupations, based on technical skills. In other words: the search results allow you to broaden your talent pool by also targeting profiles who exercise an occupation similar to the one you’re searching on.
  • Experience and degree level as an optional criteria: although they have the lowest weight in the calculation of the SmartScore, we wanted to include mathematical logic that reflects their real impact on job performance.


Our work in this area has been recognised by the scientific community, and will be presented at the next European Congress of Psychology 2023!


AssessFirst’s power for sourcing

Beyond a ranking system that will allow you to quickly identify the candidates who best match your search, sourcing with AssessFirst also means you’ll have access to a database of profiles that is growing exponentially:


  • More than 1 million candidates waiting for you
  • 60,000 new candidates each month
  • Balanced gender representation which currently stands at 47% male and 53% female and growing non-binary candidate pool
  • A majority of experienced profiles (43%) and young graduates (25%)
  • A high concentration of A-Player profiles

A renewal of both candidates’ and recruiters’ experience

When contacting candidates on AssessFirst, you know that they meet your expectations and that they have the potential to succeed with you, in the specific job for which you are hiring. Your conversations with candidates are therefore radically different. Your role is no longer to convince candidates to respond to you, or, at best, to give you some time for an interview. You are there to present them with opportunities that you know could change the course of their career and also allow them to flourish like never before. AssessFirst allows you to gain efficiency in your process: on average, our users say they do 5 to 10X fewer interviews in order to make a successful hire. 


For candidates, the experience is also completely renewed. No more long and impersonal messages: welcome to extreme personalisation, complete with messages that adapt to the personality of the candidate, and that clearly explain why this job offer is made for them! Recruiting a person on their potential and on “who they are” is an extremely strong sign. It is a sign that you are genuinely interested in them, in all the dimensions of their person. It is therefore no coincidence that more than 2,000 candidates rate AssessFirst on Google with 5 stars (average of 4.9/5).


2 clicks to revolutionise your sourcing… It’s up to you!