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Your soft-skills are worth more than your CV.

Nearly 80% of employers say they’re looking for “personalities” rather than a perfect CV with the right school or professional background. But recruitment professionals don’t always know how to expertly evaluate soft-skills. With AssessFirst, you will be able to identify your own soft skills plus learn how to promote them to recruiters like never before!

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Everybody has talents and strengths that are likely to make them stand out from the crowd. But not everybody can identify and explain those strengths. Those who can can optimise their CV, job search and career goals based upon their knowledge.

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Once your AssessFirst profile is completed, you will be able to discover which professions you have every chance to succeed and grow in.

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When you share your AssessFirst profile on your social networks, recruiters can discover who you really are, in ways that a CV or LinkedIn profile can never show.

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Prepare for interviews using information on your AssessFirst profile. Understand more about your ideal working and company culture so that you can accept the best offer on the table.

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Behavioural science and Artificial Intelligence have the power to make the world a better place. They allow everyone to find their rightful place based on their talents, values and desires – no matter their gender, ethnicity, age, religion, sexuality, educational background or anything else that could be unfairly holding them back in their career.

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