We often view Workforce Planning as a complex and time-consuming process… 😱

So much so that few dare to take the plunge and construct a robust plan.
However, the benefits of a strong Workforce Planning policy have been well known for some time: precise identification of individual and team strengths and areas for improvement, skills development, clearer mobility paths and options, employee loyalty, a more attractive brand, etc.

So, what should you do?

At AssessFirst, we are committed to finding solutions for YOU.

And we know that Workforce Planning is at the heart of your HR and People strategy.
Rising to this challenge, we have just created a new module that will propel your talent management strategy further: the Competency Framework!

Our goal?

To help your employees shine via HR technology that allows you to measure their potential, as well as that of your candidates… using your own benchmark for skills, values or soft-skills ! ✨

Your skills benchmarks…

Building a skills framework requires a lot of work.
The worst part? Once created, it is often:

👉 Either misused: evaluations using this reference are made subjectively, thanks to our reliance on intuition (which has been frequently proven to be objectively unreliable…). These evaluations end up being projections of our own biases, rather than a real evaluation of someone’s potential… Studies show that even just choosing different measurement scales (i.e. from 1 to 6 vs 1 to 10) will cause significant differences in how we score individuals. 😔

👉 Or not used at all… and what’s more frustrating than seeing the fruits of your labour gathering dust on the shelf (or more appropriately, in an Excel sheet sitting untouched in a folder somewhere on a computer)?

However, used properly, this reference can boost your talent management actions into becoming much more successful initiatives!

…directly in our application

With Competency Framework, you can now integrate your own references into the AssessFirst application!
Find the skills that are important to you, in your AssessFirst account, using your own vocabulary, your own definitions, etc…

In other words: your Competency Framework speaks the same language as you!

What’s more?

A reliable, objective and scientific assessment of your candidates, employees (… and even teams!) on each skill you wish!

Move beyond intuition and take your benchmarks to the next level!

Competency Framework allows you to measure each person’s potential via your own benchmarks – identifying their natural talents and areas for development – but only in relation to what makes sense for you and your company.

Once you are ready to take the plunge, plan for 1 to 2 weeks for the Competency Framework to appear in your account. Follow these 3 simple steps 😃:

👉 Step 1: schedule a quick meeting with our teams, so we can understand your expectations, discuss your standards, etc…
👉 Step 2: wait for our Science team to take the necessary steps to integrate your references into the application.
👉 Step 3: login to your account and access Competency Framework, helping you with skills management… and watch your standards shine!

Now it’s your turn!

Don’t worry, we’ve created an entire webinar on the Competency Framework to explain how it was built and what it can bring you!

And of course, you can ask all the questions you want! 😄

Do you want to create a successful Workforce Planning strategy based on soft-skills and supported by objective indicators?

Come and discover our new module by registering here now! 👇