What if you finally had the keys to occupational
and skills forecasting?

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✨ Master workforce planning to anticipate the future!  ✨

And develop your internal mobility.

And develop your internal mobility.

What if the talent you’ve been dreaming of is already in your ranks? 🤔

With the recent transformations forced on the professional world, HR has been tasked with responding to these new challenges. And through it all, one strategy has proven an obvious necessity: workforce planning.

Are you tired of searching for advice or tools on Google? You don’t know how to implement or develop it in your company? You only find theoretical content on it? Are you a little bit…lost?

The good news is… You are no longer alone! 🤩

This is why we’ve decided to (finally) tackle workforce planning by offering this guide to successfully (and confidently) implement it in your business, regardless of its size or structure!

The authors

A team of HR experts 😇

Our goal: to support HR in their daily challenges. And one of the issues that comes up more and more is about anticipating the future with a workforce planning strategy.
That’s why we asked three of our HR experts to write a guide that would be as applicable as possible for you!
Marine, former HR Manager. Audrey, former HR Development Officer and Aurélie, Talent Acquisition at AssessFirst.
The three of them were able to provide expertise, practice and concrete information to help you approach workforce planning with confidence.
This guide is a summary of feedback, case studies, examples and advice. 💡
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This guide will boost your internal mobility!
It is an opportunity to respond to current challenges related to the management of your talents. It’s an opportunity for you to better approach workforce planning, to better anticipate and drive change!
I want this Guide!



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