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Competency Framework!

Make the most of your internal benchmarks, thanks to a detailed map of each of your coworkers’ skills potential.

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Recruiting the right people and helping them to develop…

For some it can be a big challenge. For others, it is already their reality!  🌟

Do you spend too much time building competency frameworks… only for it to feel like wasted energy in the end? 😬

  • Do you get lost trying to make sense of the results?
  • Or maybe you wish you had an assessment based entirely on your own benchmarks?

We know that recruiting and managing talent takes a long time…

👉 That’s why we’re here to help with our brand new module: Competency Framework.

View and understand – for any employee with an AssessFirst profile – a detailed map of their skills potential – plotted across each and every skill from your internal benchmarks.

Discover how to use it step-by-step – we’ll guide you! ✨


Here is the replay!

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