Here at AssessFirst, we hold the user experience to the utmost importance. Not only for the candidates… but also on YOUR end! To ensure you have the best possible experience, we have completely redesigned the AssessFirst user interface on the “Recruiter/Talent Management” side.

Discover these changes promptly as they arrive September 2, 2021…


A more informative ‘Dashboard’.

After logging in, your homepage offers practical, handy statistics on your account’s activities: number of invitations sent, number of contacts added, completion rates of the different tests… You can filter this information by period, as well as by each recruitment campaign.

Find your contacts easier!

You can access your contacts by clicking the “Contacts” link located in the menu at the top of the AssessFirst application.

From this page, you can search by last name, first name, even email address. You can also sort the results:

  • By name
  • By arrival date

  • And also by A-Player scores! 🤩🙌🅰️

It has never been so easy to identify your candidates and employees with (very) high growth potential!

You can also sort your contacts by their affiliations with a particular group or a particular recruitment campaign.

A clear vision of each person’s potential!

Once in the “Contacts” space, all you have to do is click on a campaign tag that your candidate is associated with to display ALL the campaigns in which they are affiliated… as well as their compatibility score for each campaign!

This way, you can instantly identify which jobs they have the greatest probability of performing and thriving in, at the highest level.

Stop searching through “pending” candidates…

Now, when you search an invited contact’s email address and the contact has yet to complete their AssessFirst profile, it appears with the mention “pending contact”.

You no longer have to wonder whether or not they actually received your invitation!

Recruitment campaigns… now more visual!

In order for you to manage your recruitment campaigns more efficiently, we have separated the screen into 2 distinct parts:

  • On the left side of the screen, you will find all the candidates who have applied and whom you can put each of into one of the available “lists” (to be studied, pre-selected, recruited, rejected…).
  • On the right side – by default – you are provided with a Map that projects your candidates so that you may instantly identify their probabilities of success and engagement in the job for which they have applied.

When you click on a candidate’s name in one of the lists on the left, their profile instantly appears in the right panel. Thus, you no longer need to switch back and forth between recruitment campaigns and candidates’ profiles when consulting the two.

Everything can now be found in the same space!

Visualise your team (or a shortlist)… at a glance!

With the new version of Talent Mapper, you can clearly see how different individuals stack up against one another!

Whether it is regarding their mode of collaboration with others, their creative potential or the way in which they manage their own emotions, Talent Mapper allows you to immediately visualise where every one of your candidates or employees is situated on each of our 12 exclusive behavioural maps!