Unlimited candidate assessments.

AssessFirst harnesses behavioural science – made possible through advanced psychometric assessments and the power of artificial intelligence – to eliminate bias so that you can make the best hiring decisions at all stages of the talent management life cycle.

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Whether it’s hiring new talent, developing existing talent, or managing internal mobility, AssessFirst provides you with advanced insight you need to make the best HR and hiring decisions.

Accelerate and optimise recruitment

Our proprietary predictive algorithms analyse over 800 criteria related to people’s personality, motivations and cognitive skills. You can leverage that same data to identify what determines success in your organisation, and hire better performing and more engaged candidates.

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Unrivalled candidate experience.

Every candidate that you invite will get their full report to ensure they have a great experience – no matter whether you choose to hire them or not. Every aspect of the AssessFirst app is designed to ensure candidates have an extraordinary user experience: intuitive gamified assessments, a flexible user journey, immediate and automated feedback, personalised insights, social media integration…

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Give your HR team the power to grow your business.

Discover how HR and hiring teams all over the world use AssessFirst to identify top talent, objectively assess company culture and make bias-free hiring decisions proven to increase performance and decrease staff churn.

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Unlimited assessments.

All of our pricing plans offer unlimited contacts. So, you can invite as many candidates and employees as you want, and access their test results once they’ve completed their AssessFirst profiles.

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97% global satisfaction rate.

97% of candidates who complete their AssessFirst profiles say they were extremely satisfied with the quality of the assessment and insights they received.

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