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Improve the performance of your Recruitment and internal mobility teams with the N°1 soft-skills assessment solution, designed for companies of all sizes.

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3 reasons to use AssessFirst to optimise your recruitment.

#1 - What is AssessFirst ?

AssessFirst is the predictive recruitment solution that allows companies to discover the real potential of their candidates, beyond their CV, through : 

  • What they can do (aptitude questionnaire) 
  • What really motivates them (motivation questionnaire) 
  • The way they behave (personality questionnaire) 

The application also provides you with multiple modules to tackle both recruitment and internal staff development challenges

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#2 - Tool4staffing + AssessFirst = 🦄

  • All AssessFirst data directly integrated into Tool4staffing.
  • An incredible user experience 
  • Unique individual and group analysis functionalities 
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence and matching module 
  • Autonomous management of your recruiter and manager account
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#3 - A.I. + Machine Learning

AssessFirst’s Science & Innovation teams have designed a unique Artificial Intelligence that can process data from several million profiles to automatically generate predictive models.

Selecting your employees on the basis of their potential, their soft skills and their fit with your culture allows you to recruit people who will perform at the highest level, faster, longer.

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Tool4staffing and AssessFirst have joined forces to offer you an exclusive offer: 30-day trial and free training!

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