How do you succeed in a large-scale recruitment plan?

SNCF Réseau recruits in large numbers without sacrificing quality, thanks to AssessFirst

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Improved insights
Improved insights
Optimization <br> of the recruitment processes
of the recruitment processes
Time saved
Time saved
Better preparation <br> of interviews
Better preparation
of interviews

Dominique Becker, Director of the recruitment agency for SNCF Réseau, needs to recruit a large number of employees each year, for the "largest construction site in Europe".

With AssessFirst, SNCF Réseau has focused on skills instead of diplomas. Using AssessFirst's tools, they can better prepare their interviews and save time in the recruitment process, so as not to sacrifice quality for quantity.

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About SNCF Réseau

Creator of connections, SNCF Réseau is a services company whose mission is to manage railway infrastructure in France. It guarantees the maintenance of and allocates network capacity to multiple railway actors. Its activity is of public interest and is a part of the solution for the energy transition.



Management and maintenance of the national railway network


La Plaine Saint Denis


54000 employees