Come change the world with us!

We are looking for You(nicorns)


At AssessFirst, we’re looking for people who are different; innovators, misfits, rebels, troublemakers.

We’re always looking out for exceptional people to enrich our team. With us, you’ll have room to be yourself and to become the person you dream of being. We expect you to be committed, responsible and also capable of taking risks. That’s why we’re ultra-selective when we recruit.

If we choose to work together, we’ll give you incredible opportunities that will allow you to develop yourself from both a personal and professional perspective.

Our head office is based in Paris, in the heart of the “Silicon Sentier”.


Once you’ve settled in to our team, you’ll enjoy lot of benefits that’ll allow you to be in the best possible conditions for achieving your objectives.


Wonderful office

When we first arrived in our new Head Office, we demolished everything back to a clean slate to build our dream office. AssessFirst’s 400m2 are huge, luminous and offer heaps of possibilities to allow you to work in optimal conditions: couches, beanbags, fully equipped kitchen…


Flex Office

At AssessFirst, you don’t have a designated desk. That means you’re at home everywhere! If you want, you can change places every single day: work next to Sales or Marketing on Monday, move forward on your projects next to the Tech team on Tuesday, or even work next to the founders on Thursday!

head phone


At AssessFirst, we have complete trust in you to do your job. We also know that it’s good to step outside your routine to be more creative or to concentrate.If you want to work from home now and then, all you have to do is let your manager know…and it’s done!


Advantageous health plan

So that you can best look after your health and that of your loved ones, we’ve chosen one of the most comprehensive health plans on the market.



Whether you come by metro, train or bus to share adventures with us every morning, we’ll cover 50% of your transport subscription.


Yoga Class

Do you want to perfect your Warriors or work on your Headstands? Every Wednesday, we transform the large meeting room into a Yoga studio to spend an hour and a half doing ultra-dynamic yoga. Courses for all levels.

It all happens here.

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