BHV Marais

How do you improve the quality of service in-store?

Faster recruitment, 50% fall in staff turnover after 12 months, 11% increase in sales.

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Improved selection <br> and assessment
Improved selection
and assessment
Reduction in <br> recruitment time
Reduction in
recruitment time
Optimization <br> of mobility
of mobility
Staff turnover reduction
Turnover reduction

BHV Marais sets itself particularly demanding standards when it comes to in-store service and customer satisfaction.

The work conducted in the business are above all about interpersonal contact and relations. The overall experience of visitors to the store has a huge impact. On one hand on their purchasing decisions, on the other hand on whether they decide to come back after their first visit.

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About BHV Marais

BHV Marais is a large department store in the heart of Paris. A part of the Galeries Lafayette group, BHV has offered fashion, homewares and lots more for over 100 years.



Large stores


Paris, France


Between 1000 and 1200 employees