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How do you reduce turnover in key positions?

The firm Weave Executive Search improves recruitment for its clients with AssessFirst

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Increase <br> in recruitments
in recruitments
Better integration <br> of candidates
Better integration
of candidates
Wider selection <br> of candidates for their customers
Wider selection
of candidates for their customers
Optimisation <br> of accompaniment
of accompaniment

The recruitment company Weave Executive Search needs to respond to the HR problems of their clients, notably in the evaluation of soft skills and reducing turnover in executive and management positions.

Anthony Buchenet, Director of Weave Executive Search, explains how the AssessFirst solution allows him not only to project candidates in their future ecosystem but also to ensure the 'fit' between candidates and their future managers.

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About Weave Executive Search

Weave Executive Search accompanies its customers, HR directors and staff, in their strategy for attracting and retaining talents. Their unique consulting approach consists of headhunting, predictive recruitment and a talent strategy.



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