An outstanding candidate experience.

Every aspect of the AssessFirst app was design to ensure candidates have an extraordinary user experience: gamified assessments, flexible user journey so you can choose when to take each test, automated feedback, personalized insights, social network integration…

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Put candidates at the heart of your mission.

AssessFirst ensures you offer each candidate a positive, encouraging, motivating and enriching experience, whether they’re hired for the job or not! We redesigned the entire recruitment process from scratch with one guiding principle: provide candidates and employees with the maximum added value.


Candidate satisfaction rate


Candidates analyzed


UX adapted to 21st century standards.

We’ve applied to the recruitment sector the same standards used in e-commerce and online entertainment industries.


Designed to help everyone to be better.

No matter what stage they are at in the recruitment process, all candidates have access to tailored content that can help them improve and grow.

[Mobile] by Design

The AssessFirst app was designed from the start to be accessible from any mobile device, tablet or computer with internet access.

Gamified Experience.

Through a unique and innovative gamified experience, AssessFirst allows you to increase the rate of completed candidate profiles.

Automated feedback.

AssessFirst gives each candidate and employee immediate feedback on talent, areas for development, personalized career advice, and more!

Personalized advice.

Once a candidate has completed their profile, they will immediately have access to tailored suggestions and resources to help them grow personally and professionally.

Leverage social networks.

Users can share their profiles and assessment results on their social networks so they can showcase who they truly are—beyond the bullet points on their CV.

A fully immersive platform.

Ensure candidates and employees feel part of your brand universe, and create a truly immersive experience by customizing the application with your logo and brand colors.

They won't believe their eyes...

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86% of candidates complete their profile.

Our excellent candidate experience ensures that 4 out of 5 users fully complete their AssessFirst profile.

97% global satisfaction rate.

97% of candidates who complete their AssessFirst profiles say they were extremely satisfied with the quality of the assessment and insights they received.

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36% of candidates share their profile.

Over a third of candidates who completed their AssessFirst profiles shared then on personal or professional social networks.

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