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How do you choose the best talents out of a large number of candidates?

Thanks to AssessFirst, Rocket School can choose the best candidates for its courses.

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Reduction <br> in recruitment time
in recruitment time
Simplification <br> of the recruitment process
of the recruitment process
Improved assessment <br> of applicants
Improved assessment
of applicants
Better orientation <br> of applicants
Better orientation
of applicants

Rocket School is a school dedicated to digital talents and recruits exclusively based on soft skills.

Cyril Pierre de Geyer, CEO of Rocket School, explains how he uses AssessFirst to choose the best applicants for his courses and to manage a large volume of applications for a limited number of places. Thanks to AssessFirst, he can find the candidates who will succeed and thrive in their training and he can guide them in the career choices that suit them best.

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About Rocket School

Rocket School chooses and trains talents in digital trades and places them in internships in startups. No degree required.



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