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David Bernard
CEO & Founder


A-Player Score

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David Bernard is an entrepreneur who specialises in prediction applied to human behaviour.

Leadership Style

Visionary 96%
Winner 91%

David co-founded AssessFirst only 30 days after obtaining his Master’s Diploma in Quantitative Psychology. He developed an innovative tool for assessing potential and behaviours in the workplace. In 2008 he fine-tuned the Meetic algorithm ( group) to match couples based on psychological and behavioural affinity. A year later, he created an online career counseling service that over 2,000,000 students will come to use. In 2012, he created the predictive algorithm that will allow AssessFirst to predict people’s ability to succeed and thrive in specific roles, with 85% accuracy. To date, almost 15 million people in over 40 countries have benefited from the predictions generated by the systems he developed.

Alexis Teplitchi
COO & Founder


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Alexis Teplitchi is an entrepreneur whose passion is scalability and automation. He spearheads growth at AssessFirst’s growth.

Leadership Style

Winner 67%
Visionary 65%

Having earned a double degree in Tech and Sales, Alexis started out at ESN as consultant on innovative projects for several startups and large companies.

In 2020, he co-founded AssessFirst aiming to change the way candidates and recruiters find each other in the job market. Since it’s inception, Alexis has been passionate about AssessFirst’s operations, business automation and development strategy.

He’s also invested in data security and user privacy, and oversees product conformity with GRPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and other key standards.

Leadership Team.

Simon Baron
Chief Scientist


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Simon Baron unites science and technology to predict professional success.

Leadership Style

Visionary 86%
Winner 86%

Simon joined AssessFirst in 2010 when we completed his Master’s in Psychology. His goal? To overhaul psychometric assessments—a field he believes to be underutilised. In 2012, having followed an intensive program at the Psychometrics Center at Cambridge University, he restructured AssessFirst’s scoring system under the IRT format (Item Response Theory). The following year, he started the Science and Innovation team. Under his leadership, the team has developed a new motivations test, an in-depth analysis of professional affinity between individuals, and a gamified adaptative (CAT) reasoning test. By 2015 he had already spoken at two TEDx events and secured AssessFirst’s affiliate membership in the International Test Commission. Later, he automated the creation of predictive models by integrating AI into the core of the product—with it, clients reduce turnover by 50% on key roles. In parallel, he’s a visiting lecturer for 3 master’s programs in psychology and 2 master’s in HR.

Julien Houvion


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Julien est un expert technique dans l’accompagnement des activités digitales à forte croissance.

Leadership Style

Winner 94%
Visionary 92%

Born into a family of high-level athletes, Julien has always been driven by challenges and high performance.
As a self-learner, he started out as a street educator, then a material handler, and later as a postman, before coming across psychometry at the age of 22, when he was identified as a high potential. He seized the opportunity to enter the world of IT at Business & Decision, and worked for top banking, insurance and media companies.
In 2010 he set out on the start-up adventure with, where he developed a taste for rapid exponential growth, with the challenge of getting the company to 7M euro in revenue and 55 employees in only 5 years.
In 2016, after a successful stretch at Vivendi, he acted as consultant for young startups. He Joined AssessFirst in 2017, contributing his expertise in scalability, security and business in order to boost our international growth and strengthen the technical pillar at the core of the company.

Alexandre Collignon
Chief Sales Officer


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Alexandre Collignon is responsible for AssessFirst business development worldwide.

Leadership Style

Winner 87%
Visionary 68%

Alexandre was hired at AssessFirst in 2009 for a traineeship as HR Consultant. He had just completed his Master’s degree in Business and Profit Center Management and he took on the responsibility of managing our sales department.
He structured the operations, recruited and built his teams, and developed the talents of each team member. In 2016 he became one of the Top 100 most influential managers of the year. Having achieved great success in his role, he became responsible for our Marketing operations in 2017 as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, helping the company rethink its communication strategy. Alexandre and his team contribute significantly to the company’s accelerated growth in recent years, both in France and Internationally (40+ countries, and double-digit growth). Personally invested in creating a positive work environment and developing talent, Alexandre believes in empowering his team, making them accountable and fully trusting them to achieve the company’s ambitious goals.

Management Team.

Quentin Cervelle
Enterprise Sales Manager


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Quentin Cervelle oversees all customer acquisition operations at AssessFirst.

Leadership Style

Winner 73%
Coach 66%

Quentin joined AssessFirst mid 2014. He started out as an intern prospecting clients, then became full-time Account Executive. With a bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s from INSEEC Business School, he quickly established partnerships all over the world, developing his business acumen.

His competitive nature drives him to set his sights higher, and in 2018 he begins overseeing the Account Executive team, whose members with atypical profiles are responsible for acquiring news clients from around the globe.

Never fully satisfied, he challenges his team, encouraging them to make use of their full potential and reach our ambitious goals.

Ikram Belarbi
Sales Development Manager


A-Player Score

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Ikram Belarbi is responsible for AssessFirst’s Sales Development Representative team.

Leadership Style

Visionary 68%
Winner 65%

Ikram has a master’s in intercultural human resources management and international business from ESCE Paris. She started her career at Thales in 2015 helping accelerate the digital transformation of the group’s transportation vertical by spearheading a customer-centric strategy. On a roll, Ikram was awarded first place at the Artificial Intelligence Startup Weekend in Paris in 2017 for her project proposal for the efficient digitalisation of the user journey in the utilities sector. She is a “people person” who loves meeting new people and connecting others. It was through networking that she found AssessFirst in 2018, joining the team as Sales Development Representative. Through her high performance human qualities she was quickly promoted, taking on the role of Manager of the entire sales prospection team in 2019.

Noélie Baron
Customer Success Leader


A-Player Score

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Noélie Baron leads the Customer Success team at AssessFirst.

Leadership Style

Visionary 90%
Coach 78%

Noélie started out as change project manager, moving between France, Canada and Ireland for 4 years before joining AssessFirst in January 2018.
Her first mission was training clients to interpret results from our 3 tests. A year later she was already leading the Customer Success hub. This newly created team takes care of customer support and satisfaction, and includes learning, technical support and client knowledge. Enthusiastic about the transformation of learning methodologies, Noélie has developed new ways for her team to carry out their mission, through onboardings, games and challenges. Passionate about women in leadership and developing self confidence, she conducts 3 coaching workshops: “Natural born speaker, or not”, “Breaking the glass ceiling” and “Why it stings: the importance of feedback.”

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