How to recruit employees who are more engaged and perform better?

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What is predictive recruitment ?
The context, what’s at stake, the impact….Predictive analysis opens a new paradigm within recruitment.


What are the concrete results ?
Discover the positive effects 6 months after having put in place our approach.


What are the steps to follow?
4 simple steps to recruit engaged people to drive performance in your company


What is AssessFirst’s goal ?
Our philosophy is to create a better understanding between candidates and recruiters.

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« AssessFirst saves us time. And we have many more sales who are achieving their goals. »

Viktoria MARCZIK
HR Executive

« Candidates who did not pass their trial period fell from 17% to 9%We have also increased our sales by 11%. »

Fathallah CHAREF
DRH Le BHV Marais

« Thanks to AssessFirst, we’ve attained a 91% satisfaction rating for cabin crew managers. »

Training manager for cabin crew managers

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