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Faster recruitment, 60% reduction in staff turnover after 12 months.

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Viktoria MARCZIK
HR Executive

AssessFirst saves us time. And we have many more new salespeople who meet their targets.


HRN (Human Resources Network) is a new generation of networkers, researchers and event organisers. They develop tools for business, marketing, and customer service and have created the biggest conference dedicated to human resources in the world, HR Tech.
Their vision for 2017 is to be the go-to HR network around the globe. Through their constant pursuit of innovation, HRN is seeking to help transform the nature of work in the future and to engage with organizations worldwide.

The challenge: finding the best talent for their team

HRN hasn’t stopped expanding since its creation. Today it encompasses a community of more than 40 million employees spread across more than 80 countries, making HRN the largest global HR network.

Faced with this ever-growing influence and with the desire for continual growth by offering continual innovation, the company must recruit the best talents on the market to meet these challenges. Since their collaboration with AssessFirst, HRN has not only used this solution for its recruitment, but has also evaluated all of their teams in order to serve as a baseline for future employees.

The most important challenge that Viktoria Marczi – HR Executive – has focused on is the recruitment of both active and telephone salespeople. Based in Hungary, the extra difficulty is in finding candidates who speak English fluently. “Typically, we hire expatriates for these positions” she specifies, making the evaluation of personality and motivations even more important for finding talent that will stay longer with the company: “We have a lot of movement in the sales team” she raises.


Our priority is to recruit salespeople who can quickly deliver strong results.


The solution deployed

Predicting personal and collective success

The AssessFirst solution is therefore used to ensure the candidates’ potential by evaluating their personality, their motivations and their reasoning ability. In this way, HRN can identify the best talents on the market. By gradually refining their expectations, the company has developed its own predictive models and has now gained even more efficiency in their recruitment process.

In addition to this, as the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds, teamwork has now become an issue. As well as optimizing talent in the existing teams, HRN can ensure that new recruits will be able to adapt to their new environment and collaborate effectively, thanks most notably to the analysis of professional affinity and Talent Mapper, two tools available through the AssessFirst platform.

application AssessFirst

Results achieved after 12 months

Currently, AssessFirst’s solution is used at the end of the recruitment process, for the final validation of candidates. It’s mostly the HR Director and the Sponsorship Director who use this solution for the recruitment of salespeople, but all service managers use it for their specific recruitment needs.

At present, HRN and Viktoria Marczik have already seen operational changes: “We’re saving time. And we have fewer new salespeople who aren’t meeting their targets”.

Based on the first assessment and the initial results observed, HRN has already seen the benefits of this solution. “AssessFirst is a quality partner. Their solution is excellent value for money and is the perfect tool to support our recruitment choices”. In the future, the goal of the HR department will be to improve the entire recruitment process by integrating the AssessFirst solution, she confides.