How do you accompany your coworkers with their internal mobility?

GRTgaz finds the right candidates and manages their career with AssessFirst.

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Better targeted recruitments, <br> improved performance
Better targeted recruitments,
improved performance
Improvement of <br> candidate experience
Improvement of
candidate experience
Internal mobility <br> better managed
Internal mobility
better managed
Improved guidance <br> of employees.
Improved guidance
of employees.

Elodie Dutus, recruitment and employer brand delegate for GRTgaz must face several HR challenges: difficulty in sourcing technical profiles and accompanying employee changes.

With the AssessFirst solution, GRTgaz can offer a better experience during the recruitment process, and can better target candidates and judge their learning and adaptability thanks specifically to the BRAIN questionnaire.

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About GRTgaz

GRTgaz owns and operates the French section of the longest high-pressure natural gas transport network in Europe. It helps to manage the network in Germany and also conducts consulting services in the field of gas transport in Europe and across the globe.



Transport and delivery services of natural gas by pipeline


Headquarters at Bois-Colombes in the Paris region