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Try AssessFirst to discover how you can improve your recruitment process. You have already made a great choice with Greenhouse! Now it is time to make another one with our fully integrated candidate assessment solution!

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3 reasons why you should choose AssessFirst to measure your candidates' potential.

#1 - The "All Ine One" solution for all your hiring challenges.

Using AssessFirst with your ATS means:

  • A smooth, integrated user experience
  • Reducing recruitment time by up to 50%
  • Increasing productivity of new hires with bias free objective decision-making
  • Secure recruitment with centralised protected data
  • Developing collaboration with hiring managers
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#2 - Activating the integration in 3 steps:

1. Generate your API Key
Just follow the instructions in the technical documentation to generate your API key.

2. Send the token to AssessFirst
Email your API token to : api@assessfirst.com

3. Integration with Greenhouse
Wait for AssessFirst to quickly do the rest. Now you’re ready!


#3 - 20 Years in the making

AssessFirst was founded in 2002 by David Bernard – Occupational Psychologist. Today, almost 100 AssessFirst team members collaborate (R&D, Customer Success, Engineering, Sales, UX, Product Design, Marketing and more) to provide millions of candidates – recruited for thousands of companies – with the leading solution that ensures everyone’s natural talents are discovered and nurtured.

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