How do you make your recruitment process more reliable and save time?

CFAO uses AssessFirst to optimise its recruitment processes

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Make the recruitment process <br> reliable
Make the recruitment process
Better guidance <br> of teams
Better guidance
of teams
Reduction of <br> recruitment time
Reduction of
recruitment time
Improvement <br> of the employer brand
of the employer brand

Laure Delaume, HR Development Director, Nathalie Perrin, HR Manager and Alice Florence Kuekam, HR Director, explain to us how they use AssessFirst to complement their recruitment process and to hire potential talents who can thrive in their positions.

They also use AssessFirst's predictive models to predict how candidates will integrate into existing teams. In this way they save time in their recruitments thanks to an optimised process.

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About CFAO

CFAO is a French company specialising in automotive and pharmaceutical distribution, notably in Africa and French overseas territories. At the end of 2010 CFAO was present in 34 countries, the majority in Africa.



Automotive and pharmaceutical distribution


Sèvres, France


10100 employees worldwide