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Improve the quality of the in-store welcome.

Faster recruitment, 50% fall in staff turnover after 12 months, 11% increase in sales.

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Increase in sales
Increase in sales


Recruitment costs


Recruitment time
Recruitment time


Staff turnover reduction
Staff turnover reduction


Fathallah CHAREF
Human Resources Director

The proportion of contracts terminated at the end of the trial period on our initiative dropped from 17% to 9%


BHV Marais sets itself particularly demanding standards concerning the service and satisfaction of its customers. The jobs performed in the company are above all roles of interpersonal contact and relations. The overall experience that visitors to the store have has a very significant impact. Partly on their purchasing decisions, but also partly on whether or not they’ll choose to return after their first visit.

#1 – Optimising the in-store service quality

By studying the annual interview results of its customer service agents, BHV Marais found significant differences in the level of behavioural skills, notably from the point of view of the “Sense of Service” as perceived by customers.

BHV Marais therefore wanted to review their recruitment processes in order to choose employees who are more in line with the mindset and demands of the brand (better service given to customers, better ability to listen, giving better advice and suggestions to customers.

Starting with the knowledge that some customer service agents scored very highly,BHV Marais wanted to understand what set them apart from the “lesser performing” customer service agents. The HR team therefore turned to AssessFirst in order to transform their recruitment processes.

#2 – Not needlessly lengthening the recruitment cycle

One of BHV Marais’ requests was also to be careful not to introduce to extra length or complexity to the recruitment process, whether for the candidates or the recruiters. The proposed solution had to – at worst – not lengthen the existing process, and even – at best – shorten it.


Our goal is to delight our customers. We therefore need employees, especially salespeople, whose primary skill is kindness.


The solution deployed

After an in-depth study of the different solutions offered on the market, BHV Marais chose AssessFirst’s predictive recruitment solution. This solution allows the prediction of a person’s capacity (whether they’re a candidate or an employee) to succeed and to thrive in a position, by relying principally on an evaluation of “who they really are”, beyond their CV.

AssessFirst’s solution is made up of 3 evaluation modules which allow assessment of each of the 3 facets of potential:

BRAIN: Identify their capacities

BRAIN is a questionnaire which allows us to understand what a person CAN do, the speed at which they think, and the types of problems they’re able to solve.

Testing time: around 15 min

DRIVE: Reveal their motivations

DRIVE is a questionnaire about motivation which which highlights the fundamental needs of people from among a list of 20 key factors. This allows us to understand what the person WANTS to do, what drives them to act.

Testing time: around 10 min

SHAPE: Anticipate their behaviours

SHAPE is a questionnaire about personality which details 20 behavioural traits. It allows us to anticipate what sort of behaviour a person will naturally tend to adopt, whether they’re in normal or stressful situations.

Testing time: around 10 min

Once a person’s potential has been evaluated, the solution allows us to compare each candidate’s profile to a predictive model, and from this get a clear recommendation in terms of whether the candidate should or should not be hired.

application AssessFirst

Understanding the factors for success…

To allow BHV Marais to take 100% advantage of the full power of predictive recruitment, AssessFirst offered to create a tailor-made predictive model in order to respond exactly to the challenges of the brand. To do this, a study was conducted on the internal population of BHV Marais’ customer service agents, to fully understand what distinguishes the best-performing customer service agents from those who don’t perform as well.

The study lasted for around one month.

It comprised of the following steps:

  • Collection of relevant information (annual assessment interview summaries) about employee performance by BHV Marais (and communication of this to AssessFirst)
  • Evaluation of the currently employed staff (using AssessFirst’s solution).
  • Identification of the exact factors distinguishing the Customer Service agents with the best and worst performance.
  • Implementation of this data in the form of a predictive model on BHV Marais’ AssessFirst account.
  • Using this model to recruit new Customer Service agents over a period of 12 months.
application AssessFirst

Results achieved after 12 months

After 12 months of BHV Marais using AssessFirst’s solution, we completed our first report card together. We decided to compare the evaluation of new recruits since the implementation of the predictive model with those employees recruited beforehand.

Here are the results:

#1 – Employees more in line with the demands of the brand.

On a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being the best score), new employees recruited with a fit score of at least 60% got better global evaluations by more than a full point compared to new employees recruited with a fit score of less than 50% against the predictive model.

#2 – A net gain of 623K€ over 12 months.

Employees recruited according to the model (60% fit or better) achieved their monthly objectives 96% of the time. Employees outside the model only achieved their objectives 85% of the time. This 11% differences translates to a net gain of 623K€ over 12 months for BHV Marais.

#3 – Reduction of recruitment time by 33%

Prior to the introduction of predictive recruitment, BHV Marais was able to fill Customer Service agent positions within an average of 45 days. By deploying AssessFirst’s predictive approach, BHV Marais has seen a 33% reduction in this timeframe, coming down to an average of 30 days.

#4 – More recruitment / Fewer interviews

While BHV Marais’ HR teams conducted 2000 interviews to fill 400 open positions prior to the introduction of predictive recruitment, they conducted just 1000 interviews during the year of predictive recruitment’s introduction, to fill 500 positions. In other words, 50% fewer interviews for 25% more recruitment.

#5 – Less staff turn-over

A careful study of the profiles recruited also revealed an enormous reduction in unwanted departures at 12 months (sustained turnover). Effectively, this was reduced from 17% (before the introduction of predictive recruitment) to less than 9% just 12 months after the introduction of the predictive approach.

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