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Thanks to AssessFirst, we’ve attained a 91% satisfaction rating for cabin crew managers.


To delight its customers, Air France focuses above all on the quality of its customers’ experience. Every member of the cabin crew must therefore be able to display the correct behavior at every stage of the flight.
The peculiarity of this job is that each crew is – every time – made up just for that flight. As a result, the probability of flying twice in a row with the same colleague is just once every 7 years. Flying with the same crew every time doesn’t happen. So, when it comes to team management, there’s no question of leaving things to chance.

The challenge: Accompanying cabin crew chiefs in their development of different management styles and registers.

Everything that Air France does for its customers, the company places in the framework of “Attentive Relationships”. These “Attentive Relationships” are a particular attitude, a clever mix of attention and thoughtfulness that allows customers to experience magical moments in the clouds.

Air France has identified 3 managerial registers essential for the smooth operation of a flight: normative management which refers to the ability to manage the regulatory and security aspects, inclusive management , which allows cabin crew chiefs to quickly create strong connections with every team member, and finally initiative-driven management, the key lever with which to create real differences (serving the customer with the greatest care, foreseeing their needs…).

Of course, every cabin crew chief possesses – as a result of their natural behaviors – a particular inclination towards one of these registers over the others. To allow all of them to develop themselves to the highest level, Air France made the decision to offer them the chance to get a complete assessment of their talents. In this way, all cabin crew chiefs can understand themselves better and can also adapt their behavior more easily, especially when it comes to getting out of their comfort zone.


To provide our customers with an extraordinary experience, our cabin crew chiefs must be able to mobilize the right managerial register at the right time.


The solution deployed

Developing predictive models adapted to the 3 managerial registers

As a first step, AssessFirst and the Air France team collaborated closely to develop predictive models that were adapted to each of the 3 managerial registers. In concrete terms, the project focused on identifying all of the personality factors that favored and inhibited the expression of each of these managerial styles. Once the models had been established, they were tested on populations in-house, to validate their relevance before being deployed for all cabin crew chiefs.

Deploying the model internally

Air France now offers, during its annual training for cabin crew chiefs – alongside various scenarios (escape games, sharing best practices with peers…) – the ability to create and complete an AssessFirst profile. AssessFirst’s algorithms automatically compare these profiles to the predictive models associated with each of the managerial registers. Participants receive a clear report that details their natural talents as well as the way these impact their expression of the 3 managerial styles.

application AssessFirst

Results achieved after 12 months

In total, 3500 people have benefited from this training day delivered by Air France to learn more about their natural behaviors and to explore the 3 managerial registers.

The participants have gained several benefits:

  • Better understand of oneself
  • Evolution of their management style
  • Improvement of team relations on board
  • Better service delivered to passengers
  • This training day has received the best rating of any training with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 88..

More than half of participants have also stated that they regularly look back over their AssessFirst results, in order to keep exploring themselves and to continue to their process of self-improvement from a personal standpoint.

Next year, another 3500 people will be offered the opportunity to participate in this training day delivered by Air France.