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Predictive psychometrics for HR leaders and managers recruiting and developing talent.

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Make better HR decisions.

AssessFirst harnesses the behavioural science and the power of AI technology to eliminate bias and allow you to make the best possible decisions in hiring, management and talent development.

Tap into each person's true potential.

With hundreds of data points collected, you will be able to predict each person’s behaviours, needs, and the tasks and projects where they will be best able to make an impact.

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Build your own algorithms.

Use AI to analyse the profiles of your top performers and create tailored algorithms that will enable you to hire better, boost your talent development strategies, and even build more productive teams, all while fostering higher diversity.

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Leverage accurate predictions.

Just as an Netflix algorithm’s can make targeted suggestions about films and series you might like, AssessFirst can make reliable recommendations so you can make the best decisions when it comes to recruitment and talent management.

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We believe that, used wisely, behavioural science and Artificial Intelligence have the power to make the world better, allowing each person to find the place where they belong based on their talents, values and life goals.

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