Brand Assets.

AssessFirst Brand’s codes.

Brand Guidelines

Thank you for the interest you’ve shown in AssessFirst. We’ve established a few simple guidelines about the use of resources associated with our brand. Please take a moment to read and understand them. To save any elements that you need, all you have to do is right-click on them and select “Save as”.


Please use the AssessFirst logo as follows.

Light Logo

Dark Logo

Black & White Logo

I’m a Unicorn!

The AssessFirst Unicorn is a part of our original logo that we frequently use, particularly when it is featured in a more stylistic graphic setting.

Brand Colors

Here are the colours we use in AssessFirst’s graphics and charts.









Font & Typography

The typography that we use on our website is “Roboto”.

AssessFirst (Heading 1)


AssessFirst (Heading 2)


AssessFirst (Heading 3)


AssessFirst (Heading 4)


AssessFirst (Heading 5)


AssessFirst (Heading 6)


AssessFirst (Paragraph)