Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your specific question, please contact us using the form opposite. One of our consultants will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What does the AssessFirst evaluation system consist of?

AssessFirst is an evaluation system that allows for the analysis of personality and behavior that people adopt in the work context. It also allows for the comparison of each candidate’s profile to a behavior expectation profile that the position requires.

What type of recruiter is the AssessFirst evaluation system adapted for?

The AssessFirst evaluation system is suitable for anyone who looking to recruit, both regularly and occasionally. A large proportion of our users are company directors or operational managers without significant recruiting experience.

Which candidates can be evaluated by AssessFirst?

All candidates can be evaluated using the AssessFirst assessment solution. Around half the tests taken are by applicants for commercial sales or management positions. The other half are taken by applicants for more than 150 different jobs ranging from basic to general management positions.

How do I set up a job profile?

Job profiles must be set up based on personality criteria and behaviors that are used in the AssessFirst evaluation system. This can be done using the simple interface from which you can select one to five key behaviours/behaviors. You can also use one of the 150 pre-set AssessFirst profiles, which are established based on studies of more that 2.5 million professional business profiles.

What criteria is the AssessFirst evaluation system based on?

The AssessFirst evaluation system is based on the descriptive Big Five personality model. As an intercultural model, this model can be applied irrespective of nationality or cultural background of those evaluated. It is also has the advantage of being the most widely validated model in the international scientific community.

What information do the AssessFirst reports provide?

The AssessFirst reports contain all the information you need to understand the working style of your candidates in detail and to make informed selective decisions. To see each report in detail, open a free trial account and view the different reports for pre-registered demonstration candidates.

How reliable is the AssessFirst evaluation system?

Correlation between the results obtained by people on the AssessFirst test and the performance delivered is on average 70% across 150 professional sectors.

Comparatively, the interview, when held by a recruitment professional, predicts success with 10-30% correlation.

Is training necessary to use the AssessFirst system?

No, training is not strictly necessary. At AssessFirst, we believe that it’s our job to deal with the complexities and deliver a simple and intelligible format. All our evaluation supports have been designed to be used by non-specialized evaluators. However, we also offer certification courses to enable you to develop an unprecedented level of expertise in the use of the AssessFirst system. To know more about our certification programs, contact one of our consultants below.

What is included in the free trial?

The free trial has been designed to allow all professions to benefit from basic quality evaluation support without paying a cent.

At AssessFirst, we believe that it’s essential to take into account individual personality to achieve better recruitment. Providing free access to our system is our way of contributing to a more fair and just world.

To benefit from this free trial, simply create an account. Once your account has been created, you can send as many tests as you like for two weeks and instantly access a one-page Summary Report for each candidate. For 15 days you’ll also benefit from 30 credits that will allow you to unlock more detailed reports and other features of your choice for one or multiple candidates.

What are the supplementary features included in the paid package?

The paid package allows you to access different levels of candidate profile analysis. These different levels are accessible “on demand” through a credit system. With the AssessFirst paid package you can:

– Compare your candidate profiles to different job profiles.

– Access an In-depth Analysis for each of your candidates (strengths, warning points etc.).

– Anticipate behavior of each candidate in 12 key areas of working life.

– Stimulate the integration of your future collaborators within existing teams.

What payment methods can I use to access the paid package?

International clients can pay by debit/credit card and international direct transfer. French clients can also pay by cheque.

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