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“With Job Profiler, you instantly know whether your candidates’ natural behavior aligns with the required behaviors to succeed in the roles for which you are recruiting.”

Simon Baron

Chief Scientist – AssessFirst

Choose your reference system from the 150 job profiles configured by AssessFirst.

These 150 job profiles were drawn up based on a study of behaviors demonstrated by more than 5 million working people. By comparing your candidates’ profiles with these behavior reference systems, you’ll instantly know how well your candidates’ profile matches the behaviors usually found in individuals doing a certain job.



Alternatively, you can define your expected behaviors in just a few clicks.

At AssessFirst, we know better than anyone that when you recruit, you do so for a specific role, in a specific company: yours. That’s why we’ve included a module in Job Profiler that lets you choose the expected and undesirable behaviors for the specific job for which you are recruiting.


“On average, companies that use Job Profiler recruit people who are 25% more effective than those who recruit using more traditional methods.”

Alexandre Collignon

Chief Commercial Officer – AssessFirst

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