About AssessFirst

10,000 recruiters use AssessFirst every day to analyze their candidates’ profiles and uncover their potential.

The features and integration possibilities of AssessFirst enable all of them, regardless of how big their company is or the volume of candidates they handle, to make better selection decisions. With AssessFirst, you send an invitation to your candidates in a single click, view their results 10 minutes later and, in just two clicks, easily identify those who have the right profile to succeed in your organization. If you like, you can also simulate how the finalists will integrate into the teams already in place. The best thing about all this is that with AssessFirst, you can assess your candidates for free and get a first-level analysis of each of them, with no limitations on volume or timeframe.


How it all began…

AssessFirst began in August 2002, when two childhood friends – David Bernard (Business Psychologist & Rocket Scientist) and Alexis Teplitchi (The IT Guy) – realized how difficult it was for recruiters to make the most of existing assessment solutions (too arduous to implement, too complex to use, etc.). Together, we decided to change the way things are done.

At the time, AssessFirst had no financing or line of credit. Rather than look for investors, we set out to develop the best assessment solution ever designed, find customers, satisfy them and also surprise them, day after day.

Today, AssessFirst is entirely self-financed and very profitable. We have no debts to pay or investors to report to. We are entirely free in how we manage our company. As a result of this, every year we can continue to invest hugely in Science & Innovation in order to improve our solutions and make the decisions that will above all serve the long-term success of our company.


We’re progressing quickly!

A year ago there were eight of us. Today, AssessFirst is run by 20 extremely passionate collaborators and is growing by over 30% per year. AssessFirst has 3,500 client organizations worldwide, 10,000 users and over 5,000,000 tests taken, in 12 languages. Our clients are both small individual businesses and international groups active around the world. We place equal importance on each of them. We know where we came from and haven’t forgotten how difficult it is to find trusted partners when you’re starting out in business.


In Diversity We Trust

When we recruit, we have no fixed ideas. The background, training and experience of the candidates we recruit is of little importance. We’re only concerned with who they are, their potential and their ability to express this within our Universe. At AssessFirst, there are scientists, psychologists and IT specialists, as well as actors, kitesurfing fans, writing enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, etc. All of them share the same passion for discovering and developing talent.


We take care of our community

Every year, we provide the equivalent of a quarter of a million euros in training to nearly 200 psychology students. We teach them to utilize the big data and people analytics approach to increase their impact on the success of organizations. We also speak at dozens of business schools to raise awareness among tomorrow’s directors about predictive recruitment.


More than 10,000 recruiters worldwide use AssessFirst to assess their candidates’ personality and potential. Join them today.